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October 17
About Me

Heyyy! I'm a bit of a selfie slut and i LOVE to play dress up ;) i hope you like what i bring to Pixel Vixens! If you have any pointers or questions please let me know :3 Feedback is always welcome, and i love to answer questions! So feel free to tell me anything! Hope to hear from you all soon =~.^=

For my social Media Sites:

The PV, stands for Party Vicious. I was going to go with my original nickname Evil Pixie, However I no longer go by that. I do actually go by this nickname (pixie) and have since i was a wee lass in elementary do to my unfortunate tiny size since i was such a late bloomer :p The evil had more to do with my extremely curious nature which i recieved as a temporary addition in middle school for a very brief time. im not as openly curious as i use to be , but that doesn't mean I'm not still a very curious person! I was originally going to go with Pixel Vixens for the PV part since i Thought PVP might be really funny, but i decided otherwise since pixie has always been my go by name for reasons other than pixel vixens. So yes! I will answer to 'PIXIE' in public! since my actual name (being very common) i actually DO NOT answer to as well. You wouldnt either if their were 60+ other people in your grade growing up with the same name lol. SO i went with the PV still because it adds a slight difference in the name pixie that is enough to not only find me more easily on other sights if you would like to follow me, but also gives me a 'full name' for facebook. Its funny, people i grew up with still to this day call me Pixie and do not know my real name, ~fun fact!

Real Talk though, i have a serious obsession with pokemon and guild wars. 

Look me UP!

Instagram & Twitter:


Other SItes You might find me frequently:

GuildWars 2: Yamitama.5769

IMVU: Yamitama

If you ever see these names its probably me: Quilivia, Yamitama, pv_Pixie

I have always played a ot of games and have always generally used the same names. Quilivia is more used than Yamitama and thats because Yamitama is a newer gammer tag i have started using because of a nickname one particular friend of mine calls me so it is more of a running joke ~



Guild Wars 2, Super Smash Bros, Destiny, Tomb Raider, Poke'mon, Spyro, DDR, Persona, Theaterrythem FF, IMVU, Nun Attack run and gun
Fooly Cooly, Space Dandy, Burst Angel, Paradise Kiss, Chobits, DrearS, xxxHolic, Full Moon o Sagashite, Eureka 7, Full Metal Alchemist, Trigun, Kenshin, Samurai Champloo, Strawberry Panic, Simon, Green Green, afro samurai, Gurren Lagann, TOO MANY!!
Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Flash, Jane the Virgin, American Horror Story, Gravity Falls, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,
Anime Crossroads, Jafax, Matsuricon, Youmacon, Ohayocon, Colassalcon, Ikasucon, Indy Comic Con, Fan Appreciation Party Weekend
Charla, Zubat, Honey, Miwako, Chii, Viking, Nia, Plusle, Minun, Yukiko, Luna, Hatsune Miku, Red Queen, Caterpie, Snorlax, Mabel Pines, Kiki, Starfire, Princess Vanellope,