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Noel Cypress

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Noel Cypress
September 29
Pacific Ocean
About Me

I'm Noel Cypress! A happy go lucky Vixen who likes to cosplay as many characters as humanely possible!
I'm the administrator/boss lady around here... So if you ever find any issues with the site, get ahold of me asap!


I'm a geek, obviously. I love anime, manga, comics, D&D, MtG, WoW, Xbox, most gaming in general... and... yeah. I'm really hyper active and talktive online, when in reality I can be incredibly shy in real life. It matters on how many people I'm around.
I LOOOOVE being naked. I love seeing other people naked. I just all around love nakedness and porn. So I combined geekary and porn and began creating my own porn empire based on these things.

I also can't keep my hair the same for more than two months. 

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Halo, Zelda, Catherine, Skyrim, and way too many more
Digimon seasons 1&2 and Strawberry Panic
HIMYM, Big Bang Theory
Colossalcon hands down!!!
Saria from ocarina of time, Catherine from... Catherine. Lol! and Alice from Alice in wonderland!