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June 16
San Fernando Valley, CA
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Heey there my name is Carmila and I am 22 years old originally from the SFV. There is nothing hotter than female super hero's especially when they are portrayed by hot, naked geekie/nerdie chicks. We too have pondered many-a-days and nights what cat woman, dark phoenix, and Zelda (among the rest) look like naked. In fact, that's how I currently spend a good portion of my days...time well spent..Soo instead of awkwardly listing POI about myself i'm gonna leave it up to you guys to ask me whatever it is you wanna know, just ask and you shall recieve...the answer heh

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Doom 2 FOR LIFE!!!!!! It will FOREVER be my favorite...check back soon for more of my beloved games, i'm needing a DOOM fix now that i've mentioned it
Vampire Hunter D, Ninja scrools, Lady Blue (wowzers), wicke dcity (for days!!), more to come!!