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Athena Hollow

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Athena Hollow
July 16
Indianapolis, IN
About Me

I've been involved in the AltPorn industry since I turned 18. I have worked for various sites such as EroticBPM, Blue Blood's Barely Evil, Spiceplay, the original Naughty Goth & City Kittie.

I have graduated from just modeling to being a site owner. I run GeekGirlsOnline, as well as my own MissAthenaHollow. I also dabble in clothing and cosplay design.

I'm a geek & gamer and pride myself on such things. I'm an xbox achievement whore. I love all things 8bit, as that is what I grew up on. From Mario to Sonic to Cloud Strife or Gordon Freeman, I have played so many games, I don't even like to think of the hours spent. But, it's been a great ride so far, and I think I'll stick around these pixel parts some more!

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Final Fantasy VII, Fallout series, Left4Dead 1&2, Dragon Age series, Mass Effect series
Bebop, Naruto, Saber Marionette, Popotan
Doctor Who, True Blood, Game of Thrones, The X-Files, Star Trek TNG, DS9 & Enterprise, Once Upon a Time
Gen Con & Days of the Dead
Jack from Mass Effect 3