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Sabrina Inkwell


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Sabrina Inkwell
August 05
Oakland, CA
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I'm Sabrina

I'm a geek, a bibliophile, a cosplayer a published writer, a LARPer, a gamer, a photographer, an anachronist, a firespinner, a musician, and a spoken word storyteller with a chronic case of wanderlust and a love for rockabilly, steampunk, and gothic lolita.  For the last several years I've been teaching in the local kink community, writing and performing erotica, and delving into the world of alternative modeling.  I speak parts of 6 languages in addition to English and have studied 7 different forms of dance..  Any guesses what they are?

Some helpful lists:

  • My interests are a mix of comic books, history, cute thinngs, and curiosities.  
  • My style involves punk, retro pin-ups, Shibari, and corsetry.  
  • My influences include Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, Robin Williams, and Amanda Palmer.
  • My main fandoms are Firefly, Harry Potter, Outlander, and The Dresden Files.  
  • My literary influences include Neil Gaiman, Carson McCullers, Shakespeare, William Faulker, Mary Shelly, and Allen Ginsberg.  
  • My top kinks are rope, electricity, fire, wax, flogging, and piercing.  I'm a switch, a little, a pet, a primal. and a middle.  
  • Trek AND Wars.  Marvel AND DC.  Only creamy peanut butter.  Only milk chocolate.  
Overwatch, Diablo II, Charlie Murder, Dominion, WoD, Shadowrun,
American Gods, The Handmaid's Tale, The Magicians, Outlander, Time After Time, The Flash, Archer, Masters of Sex, GoT, Black Mirror, Castle, Firefly, Warehouse 13, Eureka,
PAX, DragonCon, ECCC, GKE,
Delirium, Kaylee, Wednesday Addams, Coraline, Velma, Death