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Pixie Pie
July 26
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I'm actually a transdimensional Princess who is in this world to accomplish a single mission. My mission is to relay an encrypted message to other higher evolved beings that are incognito to this realm. These being are now dormant, and are awaiting a Great Awakening. When my mission is over, I will return to my home world to rule as Queen. Humans seem to think that I'm a little strange... So I prefer the company of trees. Trees are nice, and always have something interesting to say...

I'm an aspiring writer/novelist and am addicted to writing fan fiction. I'm in love with Kirby. I know far too many details about what you humans call the "fantasy" genre, though I know them to be as fact and not fiction. Did you know that most faeries are severely allergic to iron? And to make a mermaid your slave, you must cut off and keep a lock of her hair, but if she gets free she might drink your soul from your very breath for revenge.This is SCIENCE. Anyway...gotta go charge my laser....bye...