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Hada Pixie
February 09
Atlanta, GA
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I've been modelin in the Atlanta area since October 2007, It wasnt until 2013 when I began doing burlesque that I started cosplaying. My first cosplay was based on Aayla Sacura from Starwars. and I FINALLY have been able to put in an order fro a custom lekku! I cant wait! I look forward to doing more here and getting back into cosplay-- I havent done much of it lately

Also in 2013 I began dabbling in photography (Hada Pixie Imaging) After my college photography elective in 2011, I didnt think much of it, but a model friend of mine wanted to produce more content for Zivity (RIP) so I became a photographer on that site and realized how much fun that side of the lens really is!

Then in 2015 I picked up my last hat, as a jewlery designer (HadaPixie Designs) or rather Alternative Rosaries, I wear so much of my product, sometimes its hard to sell pieces. I love helping people design customs though!

Im pretty easy to find on social media, im Hada Pixie pretty much everywhere, but i also have links on the right sidebar of my website: hadapixie.com

I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh-- recently got into D&D and Vampire Masquerade
Deathnote, Black Butler
X-Files, Dr. Who, Star Trek
Frolicon, Fertishcon
Gentern from Repo the Genetic Opera is my favorite so far