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May 04
New York
About Me

I am 28 years old, I majored in Graphic Design & Digital Arts, though I enjoy hand painting on my down time. 

I Love watching all forms of animation and live-action from USA to Japan

Love to play sports (soccer, football, dodgeball, tennis, etc.)

Love dogs and cats (prefer Corgis, Huskies, Border Collies, etc.)

Play all types of Video Games (preference are RPGs, Fighters, Action/Adventures, Platform, Shooters, Racing, etc.) (favorite of all time: The Legend of Dragoon)

Always helpful, and always wanting to put a smile on anyone's face

If i had to sum myself up, it would be that i am: Nerdy, preppy, cuddly, sincere, gentle, crazy, outgoing, romantic type of guy that will never go back on his word.

The Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy X, Rocket League, League of Legends, Dragon Age, "Tales of..." (list goes on)
GetBackers (This was the point in my life that made me say I LOVE IT AND I WANT TO EXPIERENCE MORE), Psycho-Pass, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, G Gundam, Buso-Renkin, Death Parade, DeathNote, Baka and Test, honestly just name it, I would/should know it
DareDevil, Archer, 24, Bar Rescue, NCIS, @midnight, etc.
ColossalCon, MAGfest, NYCC, Zenkaikon, AnimeNext, PAX East, (Pretty much I go along the east coast side of conventions)
Brief (P&S); I'll surprise you along the way ;-) though I am open for suggestions.