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July 25
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Hey my name is Emri , im a male model from the united states , i enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons , reading comics , cosplaying and playing video games my favorite series is the metal gear solid series  ,  i hope you enjoy my sets and videos and everything i have to offer to Pixel Vixens , do enjoy and pleasure yourself , ;) -Emri Stark

Metal gear solid series , D&D , telltale batman , batman Arkham series , assassins creed series ,
Bleach , fruits basket , FMA , ghost in the shell , naruto , code geass , many others !
Supernatural ,The walking dead , outlander , game of thrones , sleepy hollow , impractical jokers
I have many fav. Cons lets see , Dragon con , AWA , walker stalker, are my top 3
This is the hardest ! I love all my cosplays I'm most proud of my finished batman telltale cosplay , but I do enjoy cosplaying Dean Winchester ! , Ichabod Crane