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Capt. James T. Enterthighs

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Capt. James T. Enterthighs
March 02
About Me

I'm Captain Enterthighs and I never saw myself getting into porn!  I spent my highschool days as a shut in until I finally found the camera and got to be whatever I wanted.  I started off with a couple of low budget costumes for leisure and because of this shared interest I started making videos with Kosplay_Keri.

It's pretty exciting being the first and only male model on Pixel-Vixens.  It's inspired me to start a bit of a workout regime when I have time, nothing too serious, but enough to throw Keri around like a rag doll.

I'm all about getting into character! My favourite thing about cosplaying is getting into the role of it all.  I have to say that roleplaying with someone else who stays in character is a lot of fun!  When I first started attending conventions I was "me" in a costume, but now I become the character I'm dressed up as, and only break character when making a purchase from a vendor.

I'm open to any questions anyone has and I'm also open to any other ideas of what you guys would like to see on my profile!  I don't give out usernames or gamertags because it would be too easy to identify me through IP tracking or even a simple Google search.


This is my list of costumes in the order that I got them:
Tuxedo Mask, Harry Potter, Super Mario mascot, Batman, Joker, Chris Redfield, Gaston

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