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October 22
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I'm really just a big geek, love anime and video games, love to sing and act, currently learning to dance (wish me luck on that one). I enjoy making costumes and cosplaying at conventions. 
I'd like to think of myself as understanding, compassionate, friendly, and possessing a completely corny sense of humor. I'm told i have a soothing voice so i guess that's something. lol Umm...what else does one say about themselves?
My goals, i would like to get a degree in education teaching high school or college level algebra. Maybe get involved in some community theater or something. 
Really i just wanna be happy...

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Final Fantasy IV, Chrono Trigger, Super Smash Bros
Tenchi Muyo!, History's Greatest Disciple Kenichi, Ghost Stories, Chrono Crusade, Golden Boy, Rune Soldier
American Dad, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Fringe