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Athena Athena
November 21
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I’m a longtime cosplayer from the Midwest. I’ve been attending cons for over seven years, and making costumes for just as long. It’s always been one of the most exciting things in my life, and a huge expression of my love and passion for the creative franchises I cosplay from. I primarily do video game cosplay, given that games are my favorite form of storytelling media, but some comics/anime/etc work their way in from time to time.

I’m a very feeling-driven and passionate person—there’s nothing I love more than making and consuming art with friends and found family! Outside of cosplay, I write, I draw, I paint, and sometimes more unique things, like nailpolish, or game-inspired food. If there’s one thing I love about myself, it’s my drive to be myself—I like to think I’m an authentic person who’s fun to talk with, and always up for an adventure!

I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s in Women and Gender Studies! So needless to say, I love a good analysis. Me and my best friend run a number of panels on gender and sexuality in fandom and various series—so we are ALWAYS down for some good conversation! I hope to one day utilize the analysis of video games and other media as a tool for women’s rights and other social concerns.

I’m more or less a big loud lesbian with a heart full of feeling and an eye for the fun and unusual!

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