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Genius, eventual Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. Geeky and Proud - I know what I like and I'm proud to show what I'm into! I'm obsessed with Pokemon but my nerdiness extends to more than just Nintendo fandoms... my love can range from Sailor Moon (most all Clamp animes actually - xxholic, rayearth, ect), Adventure Time, Steven Universe, to Marvel, Tron, and Game of Thrones to name a few. Pokemon games are my favorite but other than those I prefer PC games to anything else - Blizzard games are the best!!! I love to joke around and just relax with friends. 
As a Leo I tend to crave attention and will do most anything to get what I deserve. Being hispanic I also have a habbit of unintentionally flirting but it's just the way I am - It happens!e Walking around anime conventions without a costume is soooo weird to me... I freaking LOVE getting stopped along the way for pictures! I love making other people happy. It makes me smile to see others get so excited from just seeing me as their favorite characters and sharing in the fact that other people enjoy the very same things to this extent.. It really makes my day! 
Sometimes I swear I have a split personality. I generally tend to be very polite and kind, but bite my neck or tease me abit and become someone else entirely. Jedi in the Street, Sith in the sheets. I know what I love and I make sure to find out exactly what makes em tremble with pleasure... I have alot of nerdy toys and sexy toys and I play with em all. :3
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