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Alison Sault
September 09
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I'm a full time student studying Animal Science and Communications in order to obtain a Bachelors of Science in that field. I also have an Associates degree in Anthropology along with a theatrical background in singing and dancing.  I also compete in Dog Competitions  such as Obedience, Agility, and Tracking all of which I do when I'm not in school or doing modeling gigs. The kind of modeling I enjoy is Erotica, Nude, and Fetish but lately I've been taking a strong interest in Character modeling such as Cosplay. I had been going to conventions for the past 5 years of and on as a fan but never as a model. After going to Otakon  2016 I had been approached by four different people that wanted my picture because of how well I put my costume together. It really made me want to pursuit that type of modeling. For two reasons I can enjoy different fandoms and have fun portraying them. I'm very charismatic and sociable so I enjoy getting to know people and learning about different perspectives. I'm always interested in trying something new so people that want to experiment creatively I'm always interested in working with them. Other than that my other hobbies can be summed up as just a Stoner who loves outdoor activities with my dog(s).

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