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I've always been into cosplay, even way back when I thought a costume was a sheet over my head or some face paint.  Since then I've grown my costume collection and upgraded some of the costumes that just don't cut it by my current standards.

Since I have an older brother and a younger brother, I was exposed to video games a LOT as a kid!  Because of that I now have a healthy liking for what I consider the greats: Final Fantasy, Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Castlevania, Chrono Trigger etc.

My first exposure to anime was when I first saw Sailor Moon.  It was one of those shows that had a continuous story line and it was "different" took me a few years before I realized that it wasn't just another cartoon!  My true realization of what anime was came when I saw Princess Mononoke and realized that cartoons can have a mature theme, but still be bright and colourful!

As for comics, sorry guys! I'm not perfect!  I never got into comic books, they just couldn't hold my attention, and I wasn't exactly the richest kid growing up! I couldn't have afforded them even if they were my life!


Here are the costumes I own right now along quality rating!

Kosplay Keri - Custom made awesome costume with Elf ears and a cape!
Vanille Oerba - Excellent quality!
Sailor Moon - Excellent quality!
Sailor Venus - Excellent quality!
Sailor Mercury - Excellent quality!
Sailor Jupiter - Very good quality!
Sailor Saturn - Excellent quality!
Sailor Mars - Excellent Quality!
Sailor Pluto - Excellent quality! Wig needs to be replaced.
Snow White - Excellent quality!
Little Mermaid - Very good quality!
Belle's golden dress - Excellent quality!
Belle's casual clothes - Excellent quality!
Nymphadora Tonks - Very good quality! Mish mash of clothing that makes it work!
Poison Ivy TAS - Excellent quality!
Pink Neko - Very good quality!
Yoshi mascot - Don't know how to rate that lol.  It's awesome!
Hinata - Very good quality
Misty - Excellent quality!
Fluttershy - Excellent quality!
RE 1 Jill Valentine - Excellent quality!
Nurse Joy - Excellent quality!
Harley Quinn TAS - Excellent quality! Replaced in March 2013
Lolita Harley Quinn - Custom made awesome costume
TAS Cat Woman - Excellent quality
Chun Li - Excellent quality!
Beast mascot - Excellent quality
Luigi mascot - Excellent quality
Hamburglar - Excellent quality

Now for the costumes that need replacement!
Slave Leia - Rubies... hot but shitty quality
Robin - Rubies... hot but shitty quality (Replacement being made as of January 2014)
Star Trek - Mediocre quality
Bat Girl - Rubies... Mediocre, (Replacement being made as of December 2013)
Sexy Santa - Shit! Better the Rubies


Bioware, Bethesda, Capcom, Konami, Square-Enix, Nintendo
Sailor Moon, Digimon, Avatar
Futurama, Simpsons, South Park, Batman TAS