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I'm still waiting on all the other materials to come in the mail for my Mary cosplay. I'm so excited that it's coming together nicely! I'm pretty stoked about the prop for the shoot too. I'm thinking of adding some fake blood too? Softcore gore never hurt nobody XD 

I'll post pics once I get everything else together for it. Hope you're having a nice weekend!

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Hi! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and ate tons of food like i did lol. 

Today, i figured out the next 2 cosplays I would like to shoot. American Mary and Stocking Anarchy from the anime, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt! Quite the difference between the two. I have ideas on settings and backgrounds, but for Stocking, I'm thinking this may need additional props. I'll be collaborating with my photographer(s) while gathering the cosplays together. I also haven't done any horror characters ever, and it's been so long since I've done a cosplay from an anime! I'm pretty picky at choosing who to cosplay as and how much I'm similar to them...personally and aesthetically xD 

These days, my time has been taken up by my patreon and getting content ready for that too. So I've been shooting, editing, and posting non-stop online. Model life is pretty busy right now and i'm excited to be able to share what I've been up to. I'll be sure to keep you guys in the loop!~ xoxo

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Rev's Tampa Trip 2016!

It's been a bit since I've written a blog here but as I've mention before this year has been CRAZY busy! There's so much going on and so little of it I can talk about right now, but keep an eye out. Big things are cuming not just for me but for Pixel-Vixens!


One of the things I CAN talk about right now is my recent trip to Tampa! This year at FetishCon I became friends with the incredibly talented and handsome pornstar Lance Hart. This month he flew me out to Tampa to hang out and create lots of porny magic, some of which will be featured on Pixel-Vixens!! Hopefully this will lead to more male performers being featured on PV including gay and bi crossover performers like Lance! Since PV is an all inclusive porn site having something for all of our fans is REALLY important to us, so this is very exciting!


Not only did lance shoot for us, but I shot for his PervOut.com site SweetFemDom.com! Lance is the owner/creator of PervOut.com and PervOutPay.com (which you may have seen many of our Vixens using for their other XXX sales outside of PV). He's a pretty cool dude. ^_~



I didn't just shoot with Lance while I was down in Tampa though! I also got to shoot with Jason Ninja who runs several clip stores including BrattyFootGirls.com. I also shot for FTKLTickling.com! Both times I had the pleasure of shooting with sexy fetish model Queen Arena Rome. Pix Below! 


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Hi! I finally got my laptop fixed and my modeling has been picking back up! I had a shoot for Darkslide Magazine last weekend, and the photos came out great! My new photographer and I are really hitting it off and we have so many creative ideas for cosplay in the future too. Before my computer was on the fritz, I ended up taking tons of dirty selfies and behind the scene pics. I haven't forgotten about you and I'm glad to be back to creating more shoots.
Have you guys checked out my latest set “Kaisen Dankairaku” yet? I did another Juri Han cosplay but in another outfit she wore in Street Fighter 4. I feel like just doing all of them. I love her too much...clearly lol.
I’m hoping to get back into more cosplay self-shot sets, and making more cosplays from videos games and 90’s throwback cartoons! I already have an idea on who to do next and I’ll be able to make cosplays for the holidays. Themeing!! Hopefully everything else works out on my end.
I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what other hobbies I’ve always loved to do during my downtime, and share with you guys. I do remember writing erotic novels and was SO close to having a website up BUT, real life kicked in and I had to hold off my plans for a bit. My etsy shop wasn’t running as well as I thought, which is okay. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna give up on my other goals I have in mind. I have a lot more direction and I’m feelin pretty determined to get new projects done.
Still planning shoots for “regular” modeling, and more cosplays for the site! :)

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Im half way through my trip visiting fellow Vixen Arielle. I love being with this woman. She is my porny-soul-mate. Even if we're away from one another for months at a time, the second we're near each other its like no time has passed whatsoever. We've been working our buns off from doing snapchats, clips, and even Pixel Vixen work! Im so excited for ya'll to see what we've been up to. Its gonna make ya'll explode with pervy happiness.

We're planning more shoots for later today as well. And all in all more projects for PV as a whole.

Anywho. I just wanted to show us being adorable. Mayhaps I'll share more later! Ta-ta!