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So much amazing news~ 

I got a chance to have my American Mary cosplay shoot over the weekend. What do you think? I felt pretty malicious holding my hacksaw! I seem to be more in character in I have props (shrugs). 

americanmarycosplayselfie americanmarycosplayselfie2

I'm also going to Anime Boston this year! Are you going? Who are you cosplaying as? It's been forever since I've been to any cons and I'm pretty excited. My new selfie Zone-Tan also got released so be sure to check it out! <3 I hope to do more cosplay sets like these soon!

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I'm really happy to be working on some new costumes to shoot in. The other day I coated an old pair of heels in green glitter for my Poision Ivy outfit. Now I'm working on the rest of it by covering a bra and pain of panties in ivy leaves. I'm also altering a pair of shorts and tank top to do Lara Croft...I just need to great breats implants for that one, lol.

I've had a lot of video shoots recently so I have a lot of editing to catch up on but I need to make sure I have all my costumes set for the shoot in Februrary. I'm so excited to finally be doing more cosplay!

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Hey y'all!

So as you already know, my Mary cosplay is finished but unfortunately I have to put Stocking on hold because I will be starting to make Jinx from Teen Titans instead! 

Anime Boston is coming up at the end of March so she will be one of the characters I debut to the convention. I'm also figuring out a second new character too. But in the meantime, I wanna get started at making both of them so that I can do a shoot for you guys!

I'll be planning to shoot my Mary cosplay this month, as well as putting together Jinx <3

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My mary cosplay is done! I'll be snapping some selfies of all of it together, and I'll be starting to make my Stocking cosplay this month too! Hope you all are ready for some candid cosplay pics. It's been awhile since I've posted some ;3

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The past year have been a weird one for me with a lot of ups and downs. On the plus side I only ended up in the ER once which is way down from 2015, lol. But work for me has been going pretty well. I've done a lot of fun shoots recently, my video stores are doing well, and I am back to doing dominatrix sessions which is a great way to relieve stress, haha.


And for one week I was officially a cyborg! I had a trial nerve stimulator implant which means I had electrical wires running up along my spinal cord connected to an external remote. With the remote I could change the frequency and intensity of the electrical pulses going through the wires. The whole point of this experiment was to try to control the nerve pain I have in my foot from a failed surgery. For some people the electrical impulses from the implanted electrodes disrupt the pain signals going to the brain. Unfortunately for me this did not happen and I just felt the nerve pain in my foot plus the sensation of being electrocuted. So that was fun.

But on to more fun things...this year I mostly focused my energy on producing videos for my download stores but I also opened my own membership based paysite for fans of my wetlook and messy fetish videos. It's mostly a video site but here is a photo of me covered in green slime from one of my photosets on the site:

leila hazlett covered in green slime nude


And towards the end of the year I decided I needed to update my portfolio so I did a few photo shoots for fun. Here are some of the images from my more recent shoots:

leila hazlett in red pvc dress


sleep over party


leila hazlett in high heels


And I got a new cosplay outfit! I will be wearing this for an upcoming set here on pixel-vixens :)

leila hazlett in cosplay harley quinn