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So, I'm 4 months into this journey, and I feel like I'm starting to get it.

Yesterday I was asked to pose for a steampunk erotica book cover.  How rad is that?!?

I'm planning a few new costumes for the summer, reshooting my elusive Kaylee set, and moving full steam ahead!  I can honestly say, I'm having a blast!


Aloha and mahalo,


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With the weather warming up, I just wanna get dressed up and go party! Unfortunately, I'm not in the know about the best parties in town... So I'm scouring the interwebs for concerts and such, and then I realize I have no one to go with? All my local bffs are major introverts. Time to make more friends, probably. Some party friends, as it were. Someone who will dress up all slutty with me so I can feel free to let loose and such. So in the same vein, guess who is so ready for con time?! Best excuse to get sexy and silly! And to see my sexy silly fellow vixens!!!! And maybe meet some of you lovelies? *gasp* 

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One of my favourite books could very easily been botched...but holy hell, I am blown away every episode! 

So far I've got 3 Neil Gaiman cosplays...this just makes me want to dedicate myself as a priestess of the First Church of Gaiman and cosplay nothing but his writing from now on.

...Ok, so maybe not.....but who would YOU pick from Gaiman's brain?

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A new Male Vixen

Hello everyone, ChibiChan here wanted to see how everyone is doing? I would like to see more people active. It is lonely when your the only person on here. I know Summer is coming. I have a few cons that I might be going too. Since, I reside in Florida it will be mostly Florida cons. Here are the list I'll be going to. Megacon - May 26th-28th, Anime Midwest - July 7th-July 9th (hoping to be on the event team), Supercon July 27th-July29th. I am still trying to figure out what cons to go too. If anybody are at these cons feel free to ask for a photo. Here are some cosplays that I'll have Hinata shouyou, Kirito, Gray Fullbuster, Yuchiro, and Minato Namikage (maybe). If you have any questions comment or messasge me :D

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Okay, I know, it's barely Spring. But it won't be too long before the summer con season! And I'M. SO. EXCITED! Do you know what summer cons MEAN?! BIKINI COSPLAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! (Side note: while trying to type "bikini cosplay" I accidentally typed "bikink cosplay" which I translate to "bi kink cosplay" and honestly that's just as good I think soooooo... ANYWAY!) I mean you all know bikini Fluttershy is ready to go! And by now most of you if you're on my facebook probably know about this season's new bikini cosplay. But if you don't.... hehehehe... Well it's gonna keep me plenty "chilled" during the hot summer months. Any Overwatch fans out there I hope you'll love it! All the peices are already ordered and on their way, so it's a sure thing! 

Also, another cosplay is on its way. If you haven't seen Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun go watch it! It's cute! Watch it because the characters are awkward and it's great. Watch high schoolers be bad at flirting. Good stuff. And then watch me be the cutest awkward school girl heroine, cuz honestly why haven't I done such things before now? I should focus more on cutesy characters. I always tell myself this and then go for badass characters. I need more cute badasses in my life. This is what magical girls are for. Now I wanna go watch magical girls. Oh well. If you read through my rambling and still love me, we'd probably get along great, because honestly this is how my train of thought just goes.... <3 Oh! And I'm hoping to write more blog posts more frequently. Make it a weekly thing perhaps! So until next time! <3 <3 <3