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I've been a bad, bad Vixen. I'm so sorry, guys - I haven't posted a blog in over a month. December has been rough for me. I've gotten sick multiple times and consumed with the hustle and bustle of the independent sex worker trying to make ends meet. It's all coming to a wonderful close, though. 2017 has never looked more positive. I've taught myself a lot of things in Photoshop and designed a brand new Chaturbate profile! I've learned to make gifs, and edit my own photos. I can make my videos look almost professional. Leaps and bounds ahead of where I began this year, I feel very confident about the coming season.

So let me share some sexy goofiness with you!

Snapchat had some fun filters this holiday season. I played a reindeer and gave a blowjob. :)


Everyone loves hentai - including me. I spent the better part of the day practicing my ahegao face.



My Chaturbate profile work is just too large to share here (I want to thank friend and PV fan Nearphotison for his art contributions!), but I CAN share my gif making skills (which Near kindly also assisted with). These are from my boy/girl clip "Cock Starved Captive Kitsune" (which can be found hereherehere, and here):


I think that's enough info dumping on your guys for one post. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see and talk to you more in the new year!



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Not much to share lately - pretty much been quiet for me as I work on cosplay for the site and continue with my own personal agenda in smut peddling.

My next project is everyone's favorite goat mom from Undertale. I'm VERY excited to bring Toriel to life, and will be posting more as her costume comes together. I'm currently struggling with crafting her horns, as I am unable to find anything premade that suits my vision. Some simple sewing to alter a dress I've found will finish off her purple tunic (it's on my wishlist if anyone wants to see what I have planned!), so once I have all the components, the shoot should fall quickly into place!

In the meantime, have a photo of my completed Vinyl! Do ignore the messy mirror and disaster of a cam room in the background. Art is not a neat process.

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I shouldn't look at Bad Dragon.

I really shouldn't.

If you're a Pixel-Vixen member and you DON'T know what Bad Dragon dildos are, I recommend going there NOW and familiarizing yourself with the most amazing sex toys on planet earth. You can literally fuck a dragon's vagina. It's kinda awesome. I mean I can't, but someone with male gentalia could, and I assume the sensation would be physically pleasing. I can only guess, given my experience with male genitalia and knowledge of pleasing them.

ANYWAY, I had the express benefit of stuffing myself with a tentacle from their collection. It was a literal dream cum true, and I cannot WAIT to make a hentai catgirl video/photo set.

So, of course, after satiating my tentacle lust, I hopped online to investigate the rest of their wares. The following is a transcript of my internal monolgue while browing their site:

"Huh, a demon dick... that's kinda cool..."

"Holy fuck... is that a dragon tongue?!"

"Oh. My. God. Look at the GIRTH on that dragon's SHAFT..."

"There's MORE tentacle dildos?!"

Basically two hours later I forced myself to look at all the items I'd added to my cart. I do this thing while window shopping online where I just add the things I like and then pare it down at the end when I decide what to purchase.

Except I couldn't pare it down.

My lust for inhuman cock was raging.

Until I looked at my cart total.

I think I know what a boner killer feels like now.

I managed to talk myself down to ONE. But knowing how amazing they are... I'll be back. And they're worth EVERY CENT.

Because how else am I gonna get railed by Nox the Night Drake?


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If you're like me, you have several projects at any given time. I realize a lot of you may not follow me around on the vast aether that is the interwebs and are thusly unaware of my escapades, so I wanted to share a couple photos of some things I've done this past week with you!

A wonderful fan and friend sent me this lovely Lolita dress. I've shot some things in it for my personal work, but it was just too adorable to not show you guys!


Tonight I finished a pet project (you'll see what I did there in a second) that I'm really rather proud of because it required some alterations on my part to get the head piece the way I wanted it.


The deer is still in her rough stages, and I'm not sure what I'll be doing with her. Would you guys like to see more when she's done? Let me know!




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I LOVE October.

Fall is THE season. Pumpin spice everything, thigh high socks, sweaters... Halloween. :)

Umbreon has been submitted, but I have sad news.

Vinyl is on hold to fill a fan request... for Toriel! I'll be cosplaying everyone's favorite goatmom from Undertale in a sexy pie-baking shoot. I'm amped to make this costume as it will be my first foray into actual sewing; I specialize in closet cosplay, and Toriel requires me to alter several pieces to get the authenic look I know you all expect from us here at Pixel-Vixens. (If you'd like to help with her costume, I have a couple inexpensive items on my Amazon Work Wishlist)

My personal projects are filling my calendar as well - amatuer clips and photo shoots and camming keep me SO busy. I promise my work here at PV is taking prominence, though. :3

I can't wait to post progress shots of Toriel. Keep an eye out here and my Twitter!