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I shouldn't look at Bad Dragon.

I really shouldn't.

If you're a Pixel-Vixen member and you DON'T know what Bad Dragon dildos are, I recommend going there NOW and familiarizing yourself with the most amazing sex toys on planet earth. You can literally fuck a dragon's vagina. It's kinda awesome. I mean I can't, but someone with male gentalia could, and I assume the sensation would be physically pleasing. I can only guess, given my experience with male genitalia and knowledge of pleasing them.

ANYWAY, I had the express benefit of stuffing myself with a tentacle from their collection. It was a literal dream cum true, and I cannot WAIT to make a hentai catgirl video/photo set.

So, of course, after satiating my tentacle lust, I hopped online to investigate the rest of their wares. The following is a transcript of my internal monolgue while browing their site:

"Huh, a demon dick... that's kinda cool..."

"Holy fuck... is that a dragon tongue?!"

"Oh. My. God. Look at the GIRTH on that dragon's SHAFT..."

"There's MORE tentacle dildos?!"

Basically two hours later I forced myself to look at all the items I'd added to my cart. I do this thing while window shopping online where I just add the things I like and then pare it down at the end when I decide what to purchase.

Except I couldn't pare it down.

My lust for inhuman cock was raging.

Until I looked at my cart total.

I think I know what a boner killer feels like now.

I managed to talk myself down to ONE. But knowing how amazing they are... I'll be back. And they're worth EVERY CENT.

Because how else am I gonna get railed by Nox the Night Drake?


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My 1st PV shoot didn't go as planned but it was a learning experience to say the least. 

I was invited to do a event at my local sex club Oasis (Money shot was the name of the event), where there are live porn shoots going on in different parts of the club.  Since I usually shoot lesbian domination they let me use the dungeon,  with that I thought batgirl would work (thinking dark and gloomy type, batcave kinda thing). 

We set up before hand realizing we forgot the lighting umbrella so had to use the wall with towels to bounce the lighting off of (which didn't work as well as we hoped.)  We Started testing the lighting when we realise that not both the lights were going, which finally the batteries on the reciever completely died.  Luckily there was a corner store not too far away that sold batteries. 

After all that was finally able to shoot the set which went easy.

Mistakes I made and what I learned:

- Not checking the location before hand.  The dungeon was too dark or there were mirrors in other parts (really hard to shoot with out getting people in the background)

-Not checking the lighting equipment before hand.  Now making a check list to make sure I have everything before hand (this includes extra batteries!)

-Not brining extra costumes/props.  So we aren't set on just one and could have asked to use different parts of the club.  So next time more then one cosplay outfit

Even though this shoot didn't go as planned I learned so much and can't wait to shoot again for Pixel-Vixens!