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As I'm sure most of you are aware, the Pixel Vixens invaded ColossalCon this year and it was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! So much happened it would be impossible to talk about everything, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. Also following our Vine and watching the videos we made at the con will probably give you an idea of the amount of fun (and boobs) were to be had by all! Enjoy! 

My hilariously girly luggage all ready to leave in the morning! (Not pictured: My Black Widow costume that I totally almost left)

Me about 5 seconds after arriving at the Kalahari. The Rev loves her some drinks! 

Reunited at last with one of my oldest and dearest friends Lola Hart! I met this hottie at my very FIRST convention, and we've been causing trouble ever since! ^_^<3 

I was then super thrilled to meet the beautiful Glitch who (much to my pleasure) agreed to be the Shaggy to my Velma for the night! Glitch is seriously one of the cutest and most awesome chicks I've ever met, and her boobs are PERFECT!


See??!! She's the cutest! 


Although it seemed to be everyone's favorite, Velma wasn't the only cosplay I did at ColossalCon. I also wore the Black Widow costume from my debut Pixel Vixens (and first hardcore) set "Widow Maker". Someone at the con even drew a little picture of me in it! 


I also dressed up as Bane. This is a picture of me figuring out how to drink water, which without a straw was impossible since the mask was so big it had to be hot glued together and pinned onto my head. lol Also there appears to be a wild Lola Hart creeping up behind me.


And of course I've saved the best picture for last! We did an event in the bouncy pirate ship the con had up (it was a race and it almost killed my out of shape ass). But everyone had a lot of fun and we of course posed for pictures with everyone afterwards! I love this picture because I think it shows how even though most of us didn't know each other before the con, we all became best friends during it. I can honestly say ColossalCon 2013 is one con I'll never forget!