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Omg guys. I am so sorry that I haven't been posting regularly. I have been so busy finishing up my undergrad (SQUEEEEE!) and working that I just get so tired. The holidays were pretty great, and I got a new lolita skirt that I can post photos of later. I got to play with my parents' dog a lot, and I got to go see family in Florida. It was 82 degrees there, so I was dying, and then when I got back, it was even colder here than it was when I left ><

I'm working on pulling together my Ed cosplay, but it's been going slowly (I keep putting off buying the parts T-T). I did,however, cut my hair into a bob now, so it'll be easier to wear wigs. It might also mean there are new cosplays I could do...maybe.

I'm really excited for all the things coming up soon. As always, please comment and also talk to me on the forums/my twitter! I love y'all!!



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So i'm finishign my boots covers, Tomorrow im meeting my photographer for a potential shoot foir the site! we'll just see how it goes^^b2ap3_thumbnail_Picture-1045.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_Picture-1046.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_1896985_883322161702762_1592826825767738259_n.jpg

Also on another note I made a 52 Harley Inspired Kimono Pyjama!! this was made in my sewing class :D yay we're finally making stuff.

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Soo did y'all get the chance to see my new set "Shimakaze!" yet?? I'm really excited to hear what you think of it!! I had a lot of fun shooting it and hope some of you enjoy it //blush//
also here is my Holiday wishlist for anyone who might be interested in gifting me~ 
Iggy's holiday wishlist!
For fans who purchase gifts $10+ will be provided with an exclusive sexy nude photo PRINT of a photo you can't find anywhere on the internet mailed to you!!! for any fan who purchases gift/gifts of $100 value or more I will be giving them a personal Holiday Cam show! Please either leave a note with gifts or send me a message on here or email me at iggyalchemie@g​ with the item specifications!


 Yay! can't wait to hear from some of you~