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It's almost New Years and I've been reflecting on the amazingly crazy year 2013 has been for me. 

- I finally got up my courage to apply for Pixel Vixens and (lucky for us all) I was accepted!

- Although I've been a model for about 6 years this year was the first time I've ever done nude photos outdoors, done a hardcore masturbation photoset, and fucked a girl on camera (both in photos and film). I think Pixel Vixens is trying to take all the virginities I have left! lol xD 

- I got to attend ColossalCon for the first time with Pixel Vixens. It has a bouncy house, a water park, and a wildlife park where you can pet baby lions. Naturally it is now on my list of favorite conventions. 

- ColossalCon was also the first time I've been an actual guest at a convention and all of our events were a freaking BLAST!

- I met a ton of awesome girls who I know I will be lifelong friends and reconnected with girls that I've known for a long time but never get to see. One thing that makes this site so unique and awesome is that the models genuinely like each other! We also totally have crushes on each other and totally come up with PV sets just so we can ship our OTPs with our latest lady love. lol And don't think the guys are excluded in this! Expect to see a set of me with a certain boy vixen (and maybe more) in 2014. ^_~ 

- I starred in my very first porn DVD, it was a parody porn (my favorite), and I got to play my favorite character in the series who just so happens to be the super naughty antagonist! 

- I got to be a "fluffer" for one of the scenes. I know it's silly, but it's always been on my bucket list! 

- The members that I've connected with on this site have been absolutely amazing! I'm a porn loving goofy nerd perv so meeting other porn loving goofy nerd pervs has definitely been one of the highlights of my year! 

- Also thank God for snapchat. My exhibitionist side has been in FULL FORCE this year! And did you know you can send out one picture of my boobs and get like 10 photos of Pixel Vixen boobs back? Snapchat is definitely the greatest invention of all time. 

I hope you enjoyed my list and I hope you're as excited about 2014 as I am! 

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So I FINALLY went through a majority of my photos from MTAC... And there was some good ones that I just HAD to dump here.

For starters, this behind the scenes photo of Tyto and I from our couples shoot:

We are teh cool sauce. You wish you had hair-mustaches such as ours.
Actually this was after a family came up to where we were and just STOOD there for a while (hense why I have only a yellow tank top on...)
We sat and waited for them to leave.. But it seemed they were waiting for us to leave as well. HAWKWARDDD. So we did pictures like this xD

And then there was my AMAZING con event... This is me looking like a ZOMG-TOTALLY-SHEXY-AND-AWESOME-KAWAII-DUCK-FACED-GIRL

yes. we had this discussion. and it was hilarious.

Then the bukkake jokes started. They had these snack thingies with white frosting inside of them... And of course they had to smear it all on me and then stick the muffin-y part to my nipples. Yum.

Don't I look delicious?

Tyto decided to be a COMPLETE AND UTTER TEASE by licking it off me. I was not happy as I knew I wouldn't be allowed in her bed later that night. POUT POUT POUT

THEN one of my body guards DREW ME! I was so excited. Clearly you can tell how excited I was.

And... just for Tyto...


We all know we love a little girl on girl action... Especially between a Meister and her weapon gone gender-swapped!


Both Noel Cypress and Tyto Alba go LIVE as models for this week's update as Fem-Soul and Maka. This set is not only sexy, but beautifully located in a cemetery!

JOIN NOW to enjoy these two girls along with all of our other sexy cosplay girls!