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So last night was the Time Traveler's Ball here in Dallas.  It was a great event with several lovely bands including the headlining Marquis of Vaudeville.  I have been on a fang kick lately so i decided to go as a steampunk vampire!  Enjoy!





The full outfit!  I hand painted that corset!





And after the event!  My boyfriend said I looked like Cleopatra lol!

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woo hoo!
 I'm gonna have a new set coming out near the end of this month from Kantai Collection!

It's so cold out, keeping myself warm inside playing Eroge and Hentai games.
 Currently playing two by Clockup ; Fraternite and Euphoria

I'm digging both, Fraternite caught me when I saw the OP video and some trailers for it online, I love the foreshadowing in them and how dark the stories get! Euphoria caught my interest with its Guro galore. I do like guro, I'm a big Corpse Party fan!!! I hope to finish my cosplay of Ayumi from corpse party sometime. Maybe even do a set for it!!! 
 I was interested what other people thought of cosplays from these types of games
do you like it, not like it, do you want to see it or do you think it doesn't belong on PV?
I would love to cosplay Sekai Saionji from Schooldays! I think she is perfect for a set or video, but schooldays has so many cuties! I think another vixen should cosplay from schooldays with me and make magic happen!

 well just my silly thoughts on a chilllllllly ass day! damn its too cold. so I play my eroge games. 
Hope everyone is well and look forward to my new set the end of this month!
Much love ~ Iggy

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It's fall! That means everyone's my favorite holiday is right around the corner! I've come to enjoy even more now that I'm a vixen, we all get really excited about halloween. Costumes and Candy? What more could a girl ask for! I may be shooting a set as everyones favorite Mistress of the Dark sometime soon. I know there's a lot of big awesome things coming soon from pv.
I have one more convention this year, and I'm working on proably my hardest project yet; armor. O_O
If you haven't already feel free to add me on facebook,

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I fucking love baking. There is a reason I go by cupcake.  I'll be doing fall baking treats soon. So if you want one they'll be $25 via paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you'll get a tin full of fall yummies. (US only unless you wanna pay for crazy ass international shipping and risk in not getting through customs)

My life is super crazy right now, but I hope you are all having a wonderful trasition into my favorite time of year.


P.S. + are my amazon wishlists.

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It's another day in the life of Noel and I wanted to show y'all I'm still here and a kickin! I've been slinking around behind the scenes, over seeing multiple projects and getting most of them finished up before the end of the year. Wait.. the end of the year is already approaching?! Holy carps, batman - it is.

speaking of the year ending.. Fall is fast approaching! I don't know if the actual date for first day of fall has past or not , but September brings fall and so I'm very, very excited . Despite it  it very much feeling like fall lol ! It's been balls to the wall sweaty and hot here the past few days .  But the nights have been cool. Hell yeah windows open time!

i even  celebrated by already baking a pumpkin  thing. I did an Oreo pumpkin cheesecake. And DAMN was it good!!! I mean it's half gone now but...


And the face of a very happy Noel... and yes Im in pajamas without make up. Sue me :P .

IMG 2933

SO yeah. Been nomming that bawse since Saturday. I may help myself to some right after writing this blog entry <_< >_> Because I am a glutton. Haha.

Other updates - my Cthulutech game is back up! We took like a month+ break from it, but started it back up last night. It was super great to be back with my group of friends with some dice and character sheets again. I didn't get to do much (My character was already wounded and in moderate wounds, if you know the system, so I had to sit out of the fight while being cover on sniping.) but hey, still super nice. A lot of it I spent with Kyrie giggling and going over ideas for next year's projects for PV <3 because instead of roleplay, we just HAD to talk about boobs. Haha.

Ohhh she and I are possibly shooting something soon! As in Im shooting her. Im super excited. We haven't for a while but she's been working on a SUPER CUTE cosplay and Im excited to see it in fruitation <3


Anyway. I think that's enough babbling about my life for now. I'll update again soon, I hope. That is - if I have stuff to talk about! Haha.

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As I'm sure most of you are aware, the Pixel Vixens invaded ColossalCon this year and it was SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!! So much happened it would be impossible to talk about everything, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. Also following our Vine and watching the videos we made at the con will probably give you an idea of the amount of fun (and boobs) were to be had by all! Enjoy! 

My hilariously girly luggage all ready to leave in the morning! (Not pictured: My Black Widow costume that I totally almost left)

Me about 5 seconds after arriving at the Kalahari. The Rev loves her some drinks! 

Reunited at last with one of my oldest and dearest friends Lola Hart! I met this hottie at my very FIRST convention, and we've been causing trouble ever since! ^_^<3 

I was then super thrilled to meet the beautiful Glitch who (much to my pleasure) agreed to be the Shaggy to my Velma for the night! Glitch is seriously one of the cutest and most awesome chicks I've ever met, and her boobs are PERFECT!


See??!! She's the cutest! 


Although it seemed to be everyone's favorite, Velma wasn't the only cosplay I did at ColossalCon. I also wore the Black Widow costume from my debut Pixel Vixens (and first hardcore) set "Widow Maker". Someone at the con even drew a little picture of me in it! 


I also dressed up as Bane. This is a picture of me figuring out how to drink water, which without a straw was impossible since the mask was so big it had to be hot glued together and pinned onto my head. lol Also there appears to be a wild Lola Hart creeping up behind me.


And of course I've saved the best picture for last! We did an event in the bouncy pirate ship the con had up (it was a race and it almost killed my out of shape ass). But everyone had a lot of fun and we of course posed for pictures with everyone afterwards! I love this picture because I think it shows how even though most of us didn't know each other before the con, we all became best friends during it. I can honestly say ColossalCon 2013 is one con I'll never forget!