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Happy Monday everyone!  Hopefully you've survived the first big snow-dump of the season.  I myself am managing and looking forward to the coming months, because I'm already planning some awesome things for 2017.

I hope you liked my first set that went live!  I'd like to thank Noel for her patience as I sifted through and edited the images.... constantly picking apart my editing skills (haa!)  I'm planning some future cosplays and I hope you like horror movies because one of my favourite movie monsters will get a gender-bent, sexy version.  But since I'm a bit a tease, that's all I'm telling you.  ~.^

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the site so far and am looking forward to getting more involved!  Thanks for dropping by!  

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If you're like me, you have several projects at any given time. I realize a lot of you may not follow me around on the vast aether that is the interwebs and are thusly unaware of my escapades, so I wanted to share a couple photos of some things I've done this past week with you!

A wonderful fan and friend sent me this lovely Lolita dress. I've shot some things in it for my personal work, but it was just too adorable to not show you guys!


Tonight I finished a pet project (you'll see what I did there in a second) that I'm really rather proud of because it required some alterations on my part to get the head piece the way I wanted it.


The deer is still in her rough stages, and I'm not sure what I'll be doing with her. Would you guys like to see more when she's done? Let me know!




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Oofta, has it bee busy around here! I've had no time to breath, let alone write for you guys. I just want you guys to know that despite my lack of down time, I have been working on two new cosplays for you guys. I'm pretty excited to finish them so I can show everyone. They are a secret though. ^_~ but I will give you guys a couple of hints.... One has to do with Monarch Butterflies and one has to do with a sort of Lion. Any guesses on what they are?