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I was finally filling out my profile info (had some technical problems) and realized so much i wanted to say wasnt really "bio material" so i figired id scratch that and write a blog... my first real one. 

Generally im really bad about keeping up with blogs, but i hope to get better at it with you guys!

My first cosplay here was Asia from Highschool DXD-- im kinda sad though because after it went up i got all sorts of ideas about how i could do the setting better! but hey you live and learn. Ill get the opportunity to do a better set in the future im sure. (and is it just me or do i look really weird as a blonde?)

As i mentioned in the About Me section, my first cosplay ever was a twilik, my lekku was made of synthetic dread-falls and for the performance i think translated okay, but im so excited to have my order in for my latex lekku! I got the email at the end of Sept that they were starting on it, I cant wait for it to be done! I did borrow another gogo-dancer's pink lekku for a costume contest (i won 3rd place) and a shoot a few years back, but im really not a pink sort of girl.

Im also really excited about the pet play subsite here, I have a Kitty Maid costume Im planning on shooting in soon! as well as plans to et a set of latex kitty ears and tail made from my friend at Queen's Arrow Latex -- and faun stuff i want to do more faun stuff

More cosplay stuff is in the works! I just got my contacts in for a couple characters and I have a fan-version (my favortie thing to do) of Riddler all ready to shoot, i just need to make some props for the background. 

oh so much to do and so little time!

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Hi all! Super excited to be modeling for the Pixel Vixens! Just wanted to say hello and get started with a blog post right away.


We just finished up at Colossalcon 2016 and it was a blast! This might have been the best convention I've been to yet. The Vixen's routines at the burlesque were on point, and the whole show was absolutely amazing. I can't wait for next year already!


Now excuse me while I drown my post-con depression and post-con sickness with some much needed Game of Thrones binge watching to catch up with everyone else.


That's all for now... Thanks for all the love!

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Okay so im not very good at this but i might as well try and see what happens right?


Im a bit of a busy body i work ALL THE TIME :( this isnt because i have a lot of obligations its mostly because i can't really stand still for long and i tend to loose interest in minimal tasks. Is this the work of my OCD? who knows! Im just kinda rolling with it! Other than Pixel Vixens i do have 2 part time jobs. One of them being costume commisions. As i continue to improve the more i get asked to make. This year has been a little hectic with the needs of commisions. And i love it. Im trying to go back into school on top of this and it has been very trying. I enjoy keeping busy though! However aparently my health says other wise. why do i need this fleshie vessel we call a body? i just wanna be a chobit. then i dont have to work out or eat and i can be up and be naughty all the time! 

ANYWAYS! cuz i like to get off topic like that ;) i have cut down on how many classes i will be taking and i have told my other job that i will be needing more time because making costumes and working with the pixel vixens is kinda more important to me. not to say school isnt, i just would rather focus on things i want to do. 

I will be bringing a lot more costumes to you all this year though! i hope you are all as excited as i am! last year for myself i made these: miwako from paradise kiss, honey from space dandy, and zubat and charla from pokemon. this year i have already made for myself: caterpie from pokemon, nia from gurren lagann, yukiko from persona 4,  luna from sailor moon, snorlax, plusle, and minun from pokemon as well. Ive made a lot of costumes for just myself already this year! 

Look out if you will be going to FAP weekend for post ColossalCon! I hope to see some familiar faces there! I would also like to thank everyone who i got to see at ColossalCon as well! you all made me feel so welcome! and the Burlesque was nerve racking but amazing! If you were unable to make it then come by FAP weekend comming up in September and check us out! I'll be bringing out some REALLY OLD costumes i havent worn since i was 19! its only been 5 years or so, but do they still fit? come see if i can still squeeze my self into my old clothes if anything else! Either way they will come off eventually! wink wink ;)i 

good night cyber world of the vixens and i hope to post more for you soon <3

much love,



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So I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about how much fun I had at Ikasucon. Hanging out with my fellow Vixens was a blast and the convention itself (although something I didn't figure I'd enjoy -- due to the fact that I'm more about the comic and entertainment cons like C2E2) was pretty fun. But I enjoyed meeting the people who came to our booth the most. Well... it was at least a close second to the feeling of being on stage during the burlesque show.

I am so looking forward to future conventions with the rest of these B-E-A-UTIFUL women. And, of course, meeting those of you who choose to come out to see us!!

In other news... I've updated my Amazon wishlists! I'll be selling snap chats (by month or lifetime), videos and special naughty pictures with anything that you wish to purchase for me -- no matter what it is! I have three wishlists on amazon that have stuff you can chose from. So if you'd like to browse through that, feel free to contact me! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You may also contact me with any questions about what gifts qualify for what.

A big thank you to everyone who dropped by our booth at Ikasucon!!


Brooke Tanner

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As some of you may know, Pixel Vixens headed out to ColossalCon in Sandusky, OH this weekend! It was wonderful seeing the girls and meeting new people as well. I can honestly say that even though we all live far away from each other, the other Vixens are definitely the best friends that I have. I've never met a more loving group of people. <3

I will admit that not everything went according to plan this weekend (and yes I do try to plan out everything because I'm a control freak) but life does not care about my plans and does what it wants. lol For example, I was supposed to do a different cosplay for the burlesque but AS I was getting my costume on I realized that I had forgotten several pieces for it, including panties (which are not optional) so I had to find another cosplay and choreograph a routine right before the show. Thankfully I've been performing in troupes for about 5 years now so I'm used to doing this sort of thing and can come up with skits and routines really quickly. But it's nerve wracking none the less! lol Everything worked out in the end of course, people really seemed to love my Mizore routine. ^_~ Everyone else's acts were awesome too, but I'm not going to pick favorites so I don't get in trouble. hehe I'm really excited that we got it on video this time so those of you who didn't make it can experience the awesome! 

I think The Dating Game went extremely well too. The Pixel Vixens are a witty group of people and the questions we come up with every year usually have my crying with laughter by the end of the show! We of course also had great great fun torturing Raiden Centaur who was our Host for the evening. hehe However my favorite event is always the Q and A. I'm funny and interesting so I love talking about myself! (j/k...kinda) But it's just a really relaxed panel were we have the chance to sit down (after being in heels all day) and get drunk and chat with the fans. I think it's important for the fans to see that there's no reason to be afraid of us or intimidated because all we are, are dorks with weird sex stories. lol xD

Sadly do to the universe not following along with my plans I actually didn't get to shoot much content this weekend. :(( HOWEVER, the one shoot I did is a hardcore b/g photoset with new model Legend and I'm very excited to sweet how it turns out! Speaking of Legend, we have a new hardcore video coming out for the next PV update and I am REALLY exited about this one. It's the first hardcore b/g content I've ever shot so I tried to make it extra awesome and add in a lot of funny, cute, and super slutty things! ^_^ So be looking out for my new video! 

Well friends, that's all for me. I'm really surprised I've managed to stay awake this long considering the non-existent sleep I had at the convention. lol