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im so glad to have some time to myself--with the pets today, while everyone is bbq-ing and firing fireworks ill be giving my dogs calming treats and petting them as they sit on my feet. if im lucky ill get some more reading done! but im caught up on my photo editing and im proud to say 3 of my photography sets are on the home page banner! why dont you go check them out-- Sakura Star's debut set as a cow-girl, Synthetika's harley set (maybe a duo in the future with me stay tuned) and Howitzer's Archer-Bob set. Im hoping we will see another model's debut set soon too ;p keep youre eyes pealed <3

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One of my favourite books could very easily been botched...but holy hell, I am blown away every episode! 

So far I've got 3 Neil Gaiman cosplays...this just makes me want to dedicate myself as a priestess of the First Church of Gaiman and cosplay nothing but his writing from now on.

...Ok, so maybe not.....but who would YOU pick from Gaiman's brain?