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Come Find Our Little Exxxotica Booth this weekend in Chicago!

Official lineup is:


We will have special appearances by other Vixens as well! So be sure to come say hi and see who is there!
Our booth can be found  at #254
We will have DVDs, prints, a raffle for memberships, stickers, lanyards, and more!

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Moving, shooting, and other tidbits!

I realized I haven't posted a blog in forever and for that I'm truly sorry!

For those of follow my social media (and if you don't, they'll be posted below) I've had a lot going on this year!


I've been traveling non-stop touring anime as well as fetish/adult conventions and making porny magic all along the way! At ColossalCon this year I had the pleasure of initiating a new Pixel Viking, Von! We met Von at ColossalCon last year and were so excited to finally be able to bring him into our porny family! You can check out his debut set and my lastest hardcore set, "Rev Up Your Harley" on Pixel-Vixens now! I know a lot of you were very excited to see me do a Harley Quinn cosplay after years of being asked to and denying you. Harley Quinn cosplays are so prevalent right now and I didn't want to get lost in the crowd, so there was a very specific Harley cosplay I wanted to do (one that I don't see often) and I wanted to do a specific scene with it. I've had this idea in the works for a long time and it finally came together this year! Any of you that get the "Rev up your Harley" reference will hopefully appreciate the HQ cosplay I chose to do! I also really wanted to do a HQ/Joker scene that showed the rough intense sex I always imagined they'd have. I mean, they're crazy afterall! 


In the midst of my traveling I also moved to Atlanta a couple weeks ago! Although I'll miss New Orleans and my partners there, the desicion to move was an easy one for me. Bigger cities mean bigger opportunities! There are more models, photographers, and producers for me to work with here and if I need to travel for shoots or cons, the Atlanta airport has direct flights almost everywhere. Plus the geek, kink, and poly scenes here are awesome! I'm very excited to start this new chapter of my life, be looking out for new awesome things from me!


Speaking of cons, I have two coming up in August! FetishCon Aug. 11-14th and then MizuCon with the Vixens Aug. 19-21st. Then the weekend after that is my Birthday! Yay! Needless to say I am going to be tired as hell but it'll be well worth it. I'm going to be shooting non-stop at both conventions, so I'll have awesome new stuff for my manyvids, new studios, Pixel-Vixens, and a few secret projects I'm working on. ^_~

And just throwing it out there, as some of you may know I'm not just a model for Pixel-Vixens, I also work on staff as the Head of Events! So if there's a con that you think would love to hae the Vixens as guests, have them shoot me an email! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other Links:

Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat: @RevArielle

Tumblr/FetLife: ReverendArielle

Facebook: Rev. Arielle Aquinas

ManyVids (ClipStore): ReverendFetish

Amazon Wishlist: Birthday/FetishCon/MizuCon Wishlist

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So I had a megablast at AnimeUSA this year. Hanging out with Glitch and Erisaka was definitely a highlight (isn't it always?) I love those ladies. Hopefully at Katsucon I'll get to see more of my lovely PV pervs. Especially since Katsucon is my unofficial birthday con. Surprise! I'm not actually a Libra :P

Anybutts...if there's anyone you'd like to see me cosplay at Katsucon, let me know ;)

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It's fall! That means everyone's my favorite holiday is right around the corner! I've come to enjoy even more now that I'm a vixen, we all get really excited about halloween. Costumes and Candy? What more could a girl ask for! I may be shooting a set as everyones favorite Mistress of the Dark sometime soon. I know there's a lot of big awesome things coming soon from pv.
I have one more convention this year, and I'm working on proably my hardest project yet; armor. O_O
If you haven't already feel free to add me on facebook,

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I fucking love baking. There is a reason I go by cupcake.  I'll be doing fall baking treats soon. So if you want one they'll be $25 via paypal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you'll get a tin full of fall yummies. (US only unless you wanna pay for crazy ass international shipping and risk in not getting through customs)

My life is super crazy right now, but I hope you are all having a wonderful trasition into my favorite time of year.


P.S. + are my amazon wishlists.

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So I FINALLY went through a majority of my photos from MTAC... And there was some good ones that I just HAD to dump here.

For starters, this behind the scenes photo of Tyto and I from our couples shoot:

We are teh cool sauce. You wish you had hair-mustaches such as ours.
Actually this was after a family came up to where we were and just STOOD there for a while (hense why I have only a yellow tank top on...)
We sat and waited for them to leave.. But it seemed they were waiting for us to leave as well. HAWKWARDDD. So we did pictures like this xD

And then there was my AMAZING con event... This is me looking like a ZOMG-TOTALLY-SHEXY-AND-AWESOME-KAWAII-DUCK-FACED-GIRL

yes. we had this discussion. and it was hilarious.

Then the bukkake jokes started. They had these snack thingies with white frosting inside of them... And of course they had to smear it all on me and then stick the muffin-y part to my nipples. Yum.

Don't I look delicious?

Tyto decided to be a COMPLETE AND UTTER TEASE by licking it off me. I was not happy as I knew I wouldn't be allowed in her bed later that night. POUT POUT POUT

THEN one of my body guards DREW ME! I was so excited. Clearly you can tell how excited I was.

And... just for Tyto...