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Well, I didn't think I'd get here but here I am, and I am unbelievably happy right now! You've probably already read my introduction so I'd like to add a few things onto that. I also perform flow arts and aerial, and to reiterate I go by he/him/his so please be respectful of that. I have so many ideas for this site that I hope to use; more expressive characters and the like! I'll probably post on here every now and again with my different ideas. I don't feel comfortable doing anything except for nude sets at the moment but I might dabble in doing the videos later on but for now, I'm trying to ease myself into this. So, cheers! I'm happy to be here, and I hope you like my sets!

Here's my cosplay page link if you're interested: https://www.facebook.com/DatAsheTho/

With love,

Dat Ashe

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I was finally filling out my profile info (had some technical problems) and realized so much i wanted to say wasnt really "bio material" so i figired id scratch that and write a blog... my first real one. 

Generally im really bad about keeping up with blogs, but i hope to get better at it with you guys!

My first cosplay here was Asia from Highschool DXD-- im kinda sad though because after it went up i got all sorts of ideas about how i could do the setting better! but hey you live and learn. Ill get the opportunity to do a better set in the future im sure. (and is it just me or do i look really weird as a blonde?)

As i mentioned in the About Me section, my first cosplay ever was a twilik, my lekku was made of synthetic dread-falls and for the performance i think translated okay, but im so excited to have my order in for my latex lekku! I got the email at the end of Sept that they were starting on it, I cant wait for it to be done! I did borrow another gogo-dancer's pink lekku for a costume contest (i won 3rd place) and a shoot a few years back, but im really not a pink sort of girl.

Im also really excited about the pet play subsite here, I have a Kitty Maid costume Im planning on shooting in soon! as well as plans to et a set of latex kitty ears and tail made from my friend at Queen's Arrow Latex -- and faun stuff i want to do more faun stuff

More cosplay stuff is in the works! I just got my contacts in for a couple characters and I have a fan-version (my favortie thing to do) of Riddler all ready to shoot, i just need to make some props for the background. 

oh so much to do and so little time!