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First, intorductions:

My name is Frey, I live on the East Coast, I'm a Huge Dork/Nerd in person, and I'm excited that I work for Pixel Vixens!

Now then, it has been kind of a roller coaster on my end so I do apologies for the late intro post, but I've been looking up and moving forward.

I would like to thank Noel Cypress for getting me into this business, as well as, doing my first shoot "OneThousand" with her (You should check it out if you haven't yet). It was a lot of fun, though I was nervous at some points, along with meeting Rev, Rhyan, and Jessi.  But overall, they're a wonderful bunch of vixens that I would like to work with/see in the future.

If you want to know a bit about my bio, please check my profile (hey that rhymed :D )

Upcoming cons you may see me at: MAGfest, ColossalCon, etc. (I'll keep you guys posted in the future) 

So Ladies and Gentlemen, Vixens and Vibrants, I am always open to sugestions on future sets. But for now, I think I got some in mind that you would love to see.

~Stay Turned On ;-) 


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hey guys sorry for not being more active here... actually i've been all over the places since summer xD
If my new set comes out you'll see why i couldnt shoot for a couple of months, other then that i was WAYYYY too fuckign busy.
I never know what to say either. I'm finishing up a coat for my Festive Harley Quinn since I'm going to do parades and stuff during decembers for sick kids and all.


I'll try during december to shoot something else, and I'll try to remake my little head wings for lilith. I found one but the other one i cant find it anywhere...; ;


other then that here's a photo of me derping with my friend/assistant :P yay i had an assitant for the day because of the wig xD long wigs= you need someone to help you otherwise you get stuck in a wig!



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Oofta, has it bee busy around here! I've had no time to breath, let alone write for you guys. I just want you guys to know that despite my lack of down time, I have been working on two new cosplays for you guys. I'm pretty excited to finish them so I can show everyone. They are a secret though. ^_~ but I will give you guys a couple of hints.... One has to do with Monarch Butterflies and one has to do with a sort of Lion. Any guesses on what they are? 

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Rev's Hawaiian Adventure!

Recently my husband and I were flown out to beautiful Honolulu for Gamer Expo HI!!! Although the trip was super short and mostly for business, we still made sure to take some time to be proper tourits and explore the island.  Highlights include the fact that everything is pretty much in walking distance, and for the stuff that isn't they have great public transportation. They had a great options for vegetarian/vegan/raw/gluten free dining and even have a whole vegan/vegetarian network (Vegetarian Society of Hawaii) to make it easier for tourist and locals alike to find resturaunts that accomodate their diet. Also everything is just unbelievebly beautiful, the weather was perfect, and there were like no bugs!

Here are some pix for those of you who aren't on my snapchat/instagram yet. 


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Rev's Birthday!

My birthday is cumming up (8/28)! I've been so busy working for PV and all my other naughty projects that I literally keep forgetting it's almost here! I think living so far away from all of my family is partly to blame as well. Back home there would usually be a party for my Mom's side, a party for my Dad's side, etc etc. so lots of planning and people reminding me about it all the time! Plus last year I didn't really celebrate because I had just moved and didn't know anyone yet and my grandpa had passed away because of an accident the night before, so yeah, not so much in the fun birthday mood.

BUT I am determined to make myself have a good time this year and not just sleep until Halloween! Since I just moved into my new apartment recently and don't have all my stuff in order yet, instead of throwing a house party like I normally would (no pants allowed!) I'm going to be spending my birthday on Bourbon Street! That will probably lead to some drunken group sex and possibly me being fucked by a fucking machine (because why not?) so if you haven't already, make sure to message me and get a subscription to my XXX snapchat or kik so you don't miss out on all the dirty bad fun! And if you don't subscribe in time, make sure to follow my instagram and twitter (@RevArielle) where I'll be posting the SFW photos from my adventures...or at least, as safe as I can possibly make them. lol ^_~

Maybe I'll even do a blog! Who knows?!

Also for anyone interested, here is my birthday wishlist. It's mostly practical stuff like apartment stuff and casual shoes, but anything is appreciated! Thankies! ^_^<3