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I just got done with my first con with PixelVixens and OMG!!!! I am verklempt.


I got to see Mama Noel again and Kali again and meet Syren, Artemis, and Chibichan! We got to meet so many of you at our booth at Anime Midwest, and omg hugging and meeting and talking to y'all was an experience that I did not expect to be as fulfilling as it was (which was a lot). I found out I have fans. I HAVE FANS, Y'ALL! And they're hopefully you people!!! AND I'M YOUR FAN TOO!


I did Umaru-chan the first day:


Then I did Radical Edward the next day (FINALLY!):

And then I did Gremlin D.Va today!

We had three panel events. Our first one was a general Q and A. We got some really interesting questions stemming from what our goal is with our careers as models to what our favourte positions were. We also had a dating game panel where the cutest girl ever was my winning contestant. She was just so pure and adorable ^-^ Finally, we had our Burlesque event. I didn't get the opportunity to dance this time, as I am still recovering from a broken kneecap, but I did get to be a sexy little kitten and shake my ass on stage while cleaning up the props and clothes between numbers.

All in all, it was an amazing time. I got to shoot amazing content for the site, so keep an eye out for that soon.


If you are a fan who met me at the con, comment here! I wanna know all y'all!




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