I Learned a Thing!

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Today, I learned how to make gifs. For those of you who don't know how my brain absorbs information, imagine trying to cram Play-Doh into a non porous rock. Sexy things I can do. Stuff that requires multiple steps of layering and rendering are a bit more than my poor kitten bthought meats can handle.




I got to spend the whole day updating all my videos with pretty gif previews - five hours of sitting and growling and hissing and coffee (LOTS OF COFFEE) - and my work will pay off, hopefully. I can't post any here because they're all too large for the server to host (2MB limit for media uploads) but my Twitter will be peppered with them.


In other news, I'm still working on Toriel and the deer. Vinyl is going to happen, too, I promise. I've got the common cosplayer's syndrome where I've taken on too much at once and I can't focus on a project. But I'll try!




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