Been a While

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Hey everyone! Arte here! Sorta. I haven't really been myself lately and for that I apologize. You know me! I always want to be right up in the middle of everything! Not so much lately. Kinda been a downer. But when nobody's love went up yesterday I got all pumped up again, so I'm trying to bring myself out of this funk and get more... funky? Okay wow. Good. Great. I'm good at words. Anyhow. I wanna start working on new cosplays and burlesques. Burlesque is actually my FAVORITE part of pixel-vixens! I like picking out songs I feel like are perfect for the characters I'm portraying and making it come to life. ^^ So, I guess this whole ramble was just to say, I'm not dead? I'm still here. I still love pv. And I'm gonna come back from this swingin! Maybe literally? swing dance influenced burlesque? GASP! I LIKE THAT IDEA!!! Ah! But I'm rambling again! I'm always rambling, what am I talking about? Anyway! TTFN! Ta ta for now!

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