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A new Male Vixen

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Hello everyone, ChibiChan here wanted to see how everyone is doing? I would like to see more people active. It is lonely when your the only person on here. I know Summer is coming. I have a few cons that I might be going too. Since, I reside in Florida it will be mostly Florida cons. Here are the list I'll be going to. Megacon - May 26th-28th, Anime Midwest - July 7th-July 9th (hoping to be on the event team), Supercon July 27th-July29th. I am still trying to figure out what cons to go too. If anybody are at these cons feel free to ask for a photo. Here are some cosplays that I'll have Hinata shouyou, Kirito, Gray Fullbuster, Yuchiro, and Minato Namikage (maybe). If you have any questions comment or messasge me :D

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