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So, it's been quite a while since my debut and I haven't introduced myself. Shame on me! So heeeeeere we go. Once upon a time not long ago.......... okay no, just kidding XD (In case you didn't notice, that was a Slick Rick reference lol)

Hi there! I'm Kali Neko no Kage, or Kali for short. New-ish Vixen branching out into the nude cosplay world! My set went live on December 12th as the action-packed Ruby Rose of RWBY lore. I made the whole thing myself, including that giant scythe. I've been cosplaying for about 3 years now and improve with every piece I make and wear. Starting out a potential modeling career but if it doesn't take off, I'm still having fun. Currently I live in Chicago and attend the cons in this area. I've been to Uchi-con, C2E2, ACen, Anime Midwest, Midwest Fur Fest, and Anime Apocalypse so far. Hoping I can go to more cons and locations in the near future. 

You might have noticed that Fur Fest is up there. Yes, I'm a furry! A shadow pegacat to be exact. My look is constantly changing. Shadows aren't known to stay the same all the time ;) As any good pegacat will do, I also plan to make many cat related cosplays and content, so catgirl lovers, be on the lookout! Speaking of catgirls, this year's C2E2 featured a fan's version of Catwoman that I absolutely loved and decided to bring to life. You can check out my DeviantArt at http://tiggerwitch1.deviantart.com to see the shots I uploaded. Might even add some in my profile gallery here on PV. 

Whoops, that's all the time that I have right now. Drop me a line sometime if you want to talk or make a set request and I'll see what I can do. Nyan! =^.^=

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