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Everyone welcome sexy Jade Rox. She's our newest geeky vixen and she's ready to show you what she's got! Not only is she a new vixen, but she's also our first video update since the relaunch!

We'll be doing all sorts of different kinds of videos, from girls going solo with their HD web cameras, girls with higher quality cameras, to ones with plots, and hopefully we'll be getting some two-people action soon enough! If you have a certain way you like your videos, then we'll likely have that type here!

JOIN NOW to watch this sexy new video along with all the others we have! We're at 29 minutes worth of videos and have thousands of sexy naked photos of our cosplaying hotties!

Remember to also join in on our forum! We love to hear from you!

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Tyto returns in her first ever solo set for pixel vixens!

Tyto may be new to the modeling world... But she's a natural at it! Come inside to see her in and out of her costume in this adorable and beautiful new set!

JOIN NOW to see all of our lovely cosplay ladies!
Or join in on our FREE forums! We love chatting it up with people!

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Pokemon is always a widely loved and known anime! And who -hasn't- dreamed of nailing  Misti?

Welcome Yuffie Yulan to the ranks as Vixens! You'll want nothing more than to be captured by her when viewing this set... This girl isn't shy and loves showing off more than her pokeballs.

You can JOIN NOW in order to see the entire set. And then after words hop on over to our FORUMS and talk about how much you adored it!
Now take a pikach-Yuffi and join today!

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Zelda returns in a state of Delirium in her new set “Delirious”

JOIN NOW in order to see her new set and more! We have over 2000 photos and are updating weekly!

Want to ask for a costume on a certain model? Join our forums and make suggestions to us!

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We're adding another adorable girl to our rankings as full fledge Vixen today with our new update! Everybody welcome Yuukihime Vix, our newest and adorable model! Not only does this girl look cute as post-time skip Hinata... but she has the tits to go along with it!

Don't believe me? Well you'll just have to JOIN NOW in order to see for yourself! Because as we all know, Hinata is -much- too show to be showing too much off in general public...

So join now, sign up for our forums, and learn a little ninjitsu!

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