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You'll have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!
This coming December, we're going to have TWO rather than one Cam Shows! December will definitely be the month to come check us out, with both Micah and Erisaka joining you guys for two amazing hour long cam shows!

First up will be Micah, come join her as the sugary Stocking on December 4th at 8 PM Pacific Time!

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Hey Premium members! 

Want 50% off your next month's subscription to pixel vixens? That's just 5$ for an entire months worth of our naughty, hot cosplay porn! 

You heard us right... 50% off.


In that case, you may be interested in our first ever Premium Members Only Competition. 

The rules are simple, gather points! The person with the most points on November 1st wins.


You gain points by: 



Getting a friend (or anyone) to join in being a premium member at                 Five Points

Getting a friend (or anyone) to join and be active in our forums                                                One Point

Getting your friend to regular the chat room                                                                          Three points

Being a regular YOURSELF in our cam chat room                                                                Five Points



How to you get your points? Well here's the tricky part, you gotta get the person you suggested to the site on your good side... and you have to have them report it either in this forum or in a private message to me! 

Honestly... it's not that tricky... We were just pulling your leg. just have them fill the following out and post it in our forum where the competition is being held: 

Hi Pixel Vixens!

 My friend "insert sign in name of friend here" just suggested me to the site! I have officially "joined as a premium member, joined the free forums".



Now every friend you also get to join, will also get 25% off their next months subscription to Pixel Vixens. 





Now the winners will be decided after November 1st! Please don't start spamming our inbox with "I HAVE SO MANY POINTS WHERE IS MY HALF OFF MEMBERSHIP?!" that's not how this works people!


Also, please don't try to fake usernames on our free forums. We -will- be checking for impostors and they will be disqualified from the competition! (and YES, we WILL find out if it's a fake username)


For the 1 pointed usernames... in order to achieve your point your friend MUST be ACTIVE in our forums. Actively talking and trying to be apart of the community! If they only make a name and post once or twice, it does NOT count!


This is a friendly competition, don't start spamming your friends with demands to join!


This is for CURRENTLY EXISTING MEMBERS ONLY. That means if you are a member BEFORE right now (September 23rd, at 3:40 PM) you get to compete for the 50% off. New members after now get to compete for the 25% off! Sorry new members! We will have future competitions where more people get to join in!


If you were suggested here by a friend and you want in on the 25% off membership for your next month, feel free to join in on their team and try to get them points! Just be sure to insert the proper name for their points report.


Any hints toward cheating will have you inspected... If it is found you're cheating, you will be disqualified immediately!!!!

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Our final set for our starlight line!

The three starlights (Sethiwolf, Noel, and Micah) are always looking for their princess… but that doesnt mean they don’t cat fight all the while ;) 

Join Now to see it all, along with all of our other hot cosplay girls! 

Then tell us what you think if our FREE FORUMS

You can also find us on:



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Thursday we will be hosting our first ever Play Date night! The idea is simple: premium members and models will all be hanging out in the chat room of pixel vixens, and some of our girls will be playing a game with the members while others are just there to hang out and let their shirts loose.

This week we'll be playing Halo: Reach! Don't have the game? Come join in anyway, as we always love the company! And who wants to miss out hanging out with our lovely Vixens? 

Thursday Night at 10 PM EST. All you need is a premium membership for access to our chatroom! And if you want to play along with the girls, you'll need an xbox live account and a copy of Halo Reach!

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Did you hear that a new Sailor Moon anime series is being released next year? 
We’re celebrating by dressing up as the Sailor Scouts that never made it to America - the Sailor Starlights!

Micah (you may remember her as Uzi) is back as the innocent Sailor Star Healer, ready for a night filled of action and fighting.

Join today to check her out in “Healing”, along with get access to our thousands of photos, our awesome videos, and our new interactive web-cam chat room!

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