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I'm so very excited to be reunited with some of my fellow Vixens in 3 weeks! I'm going to be getting to see Jessi Slaughter, Rev. Arielle, Lola Hart, Athena Hallow, and I also get to meet some new Vixens as well. Talk about hella exciting! Im seriously just so pumped to be around so many like-minded individuals and make some awesome, cheesy porn! 

Oh man, the upcoming movie My Little Porny. That's why we're all getting together - to make that. I'm both nervous and excited. Granted, I've now done a girl on girl screen videos AND photos wise, but I never have done a male on female scene. Sure I've done still photos, but that was much more... private ;) . I'm really excited though, I'm sure it'll be a blast.

I was even able to put on a little bit of my costume and show it off on twitter. Don't worry, here's the photo:

I've put myself on a healthier diet in order to try to look my very best for the DVD. Granted, I LOVE how I look - but why not be healthier to make sure I can keep up with all my other sexy ladies and gents?! hehe. 

But yeah, I hope the time goes by faster. I'm just so ready for everyone to hang out, have fun, shoot amazing content, and just be together! Many vixens under one roof always is a plan for a good time!

Yeah, that's all I really have to talk about. I guess I'll blog later! Ta-ta!

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Sorry guys for the downtime on all of the community sections of the site. We're back in full blast now! Although we may have a few hiccups for a few weeks due to our server-people changing things around. Please stay patient with us, and per usual, enjoy! Both galleries and video content will remain available, even during community down-time as was shown.


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After many of you asking for a change in the gallery, it has finally been done! Enjoy a larger area for photo use as our photo thumbs have been moved to the side of the screen rather than the bottom. 

So check out the new set up! A preview can be found below of what our galleries now look like (plus a preview of Glitch's set coming up this Wednesday!)

We having a poll and discussion thread regarding our upcoming MLP porn parody movie we're working on. It's over in the forums under Television/Movies... Go put your word in on it!

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We're coming up to the end of the offbeatr fundraiser for our DVD lines with only 19 days to go and just over half of our total required raised! We still need to raise about 2400 otherwise the fundraiser will not be funded and full feature DVDs will be put back on the shelf for some time :( Which we don't want what, we want sexy Vixen DVDs!

Spread the news, tell your favorite forums, if you're a brony tell other bronies! Get the news out we still need to fund this fundraiser!