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2015 Calendar, in our store NOW!

Our 2015 Calendar is available in store NOW!

Enjoy the Vixens all year long with this coming year's 2015 calendar, titled "Level Up!"

Calendar features Brooke Tanner, Kali Neko no Kage, Kyrie, Lola Hart, Noel Cypress, Kosplay Keri, Erisaka Blu, Glitch, Rev. Arielle, Harlee Sin (referred as her old name, Cupcake in calendar), Micah, and Jessi Slaughter!

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I've not really done much interesting shit since i last blogged. Well, I went to my oldest sisters wedding. That was pretty cool. And I looked all pretty and even wore a halloween-y shawl in commemoration that ITS FREAKING OCTOBER YAY. 


You can't really tell from this photo, but the black sleeves is the shawl. The design is cobwebs. I got soooooo many compliments for it :3 Plus, my bewbs looked superb in my dress. Uhm. Look at those ladies. They are standing tall and proud. 

The wedding was beautiful and held in a Brewery.... With a free bar and all you can eat food. Oh lawd. Oh lawdy lawd. All of my siblings and I had a -very- fun night to say the least. We were all out of it by 11:00 PM. Yeah. That early. Imagine a party of four-Noel's (my older sisters and I), all a little different in their own, but all pretty damn similar (and LOOK similar to boot), running around a brewery with FREE ALCHOHOL from like 2 PM to 11 PM... yyyyeah. That's what it was like. Haha. 

My second oldest sister wanted to show everyone her new boob job. I was on boob-watch to make sure she didn't. Haha. Too hilarious. By the end of it we were like "FUCK IT. FEEL EM. THEY FEEL REAL." 
... my family, ladies and gents xD We're amazing. 

Also, the food there was friggen amazing. Best damn tilapia I've had. Oh man. I probably gained over half my own weight in the food. And then they served us their home-made coffee and my coffee-loving-sister and I nearly orgasmed over how good it was (then continued to constantly drink it rather than the booze. BAD US. Lol) 

Its always nice when a large sum of my family gets together to celebrate something. We all have seperate lives and are all busy in our own way - some siblings are parents, some are scientists that get no time (the one that got married is the scientist. Smart one she is.), and then there's me... running my porn empire :P haha. But seriously, it's super nice when we all manage to get together and just have fun. The wedding was beautiful. The matron of honor's speech made me tear up. and my new brother in law is hilariuous. Granted, I've known him since I was a YOUNG young girl (they've been friends for forever. Seriously. I can't really remember a time he hasn't been in my life in some shape or form) and he and I already have a good relationship, so I knew what I was receiving as a brother-in-law :P The guy is awesome though. Im incredibly happy for my sister.


So wow! Yeah I babbled about that more than I thought I would! Hah! Not much else is happening with me on my end. I'm still working on some secret PV projects, which Im hoping that some will debut up at Derpycon with the appearance of some of the Vixens there (I won't be there sadly. But many others will!) So we shall see how that goes. 

With that, Im gonna head off and continue working my butt off behind the scenes of this lovely site! 

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It's another day in the life of Noel and I wanted to show y'all I'm still here and a kickin! I've been slinking around behind the scenes, over seeing multiple projects and getting most of them finished up before the end of the year. Wait.. the end of the year is already approaching?! Holy carps, batman - it is.

speaking of the year ending.. Fall is fast approaching! I don't know if the actual date for first day of fall has past or not , but September brings fall and so I'm very, very excited . Despite it  it very much feeling like fall lol ! It's been balls to the wall sweaty and hot here the past few days .  But the nights have been cool. Hell yeah windows open time!

i even  celebrated by already baking a pumpkin  thing. I did an Oreo pumpkin cheesecake. And DAMN was it good!!! I mean it's half gone now but...


And the face of a very happy Noel... and yes Im in pajamas without make up. Sue me :P .

IMG 2933

SO yeah. Been nomming that bawse since Saturday. I may help myself to some right after writing this blog entry <_< >_> Because I am a glutton. Haha.

Other updates - my Cthulutech game is back up! We took like a month+ break from it, but started it back up last night. It was super great to be back with my group of friends with some dice and character sheets again. I didn't get to do much (My character was already wounded and in moderate wounds, if you know the system, so I had to sit out of the fight while being cover on sniping.) but hey, still super nice. A lot of it I spent with Kyrie giggling and going over ideas for next year's projects for PV <3 because instead of roleplay, we just HAD to talk about boobs. Haha.

Ohhh she and I are possibly shooting something soon! As in Im shooting her. Im super excited. We haven't for a while but she's been working on a SUPER CUTE cosplay and Im excited to see it in fruitation <3


Anyway. I think that's enough babbling about my life for now. I'll update again soon, I hope. That is - if I have stuff to talk about! Haha.

All pre-orders have been sent out to offbeatr's and customers for our first DVD, including the 20 that were sent back to us (so if you don't have yours yet, chances are it's in route!). That means we're finally getting the DVDs back onto our virtual shelves! Expect them in our store on the 18th of this month, that's only TWO WEEKS AWAY

Also, we'll be making an appearance at Ikasucon at the beginning of next month! Come find our booth to meet Rev. Arielle, Cupcake, Brooke Tanner, and Jessi Slaughter! Or attend our four panels/events, our Burlesque show being one of them! 


Did you miss this year's burlesque show at Colossalcon? Don't worry! We're in the middle of uploading the videos of all the acts up onto our extras section. For those who attended - they'll be uploaded in a weird order (as we receive them, honestly) but soon enough all of them will be up on the site. We hope you enjoy them!