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Some of you may have some questions regarding 

becoming a Pixel Vixen. Worry not!


This Q&A should
cover all the basics regarding what we're expecting 
from our models in the Pixel-Vixen community.


The Basics


 1. Do I have to get naked for Pixel-Vixens?
Yes. Full frontal AND back nudity is required in order to be featured on Pixel-Vixens. That means we must see clearly your full butt, breasts and crotch. You do not need to do full spreads - your comfort level is priority. However, with PV we at bare minimum require full on nudity to be shown. 
(examples to the left)

2. Am I required to be in the DVDs/hard-core content?
No! The beauty of Pixel-Vixens is the model herself gets to choose what kind of material she is seen in. The minimum required is full frontal and back nudity, as stated in the first rule. If you want to only pose nude, that is fine. If you want to go further than that, hey, that's fine too!

3. What kind of photos should I send with the application? Do you require nudity?
Nudity is not required for your application. Send us photos that show us your cosplays as well as the real you. Body shots and face shots work the best. 

4. Who will be my photographer?
The models are all responsible for their own photographer. So if you have a friend who wants to shoot you - there you go! You have one! Or you know a professional you want to work with, you finally have a reason to email them a shoot idea!

5. I've been accepted!How many photos are in a "set"/should I submit?
We ask you submit about 70 minimum photos to us, so we can try to make a set of about 60 or so photos for the site!







The Bacon


  6. How much will I be paid?
We pay on a different scale for whatever happens in your set. Softcore sets, meaning only nudity or implied masturbation are paid $100. Masturbation sets are paid $125. Hardcore sets are paid $150. Shooting -with- our specific staff photographers pays out $150 for masturbation and 200$ for hardcore. DVD payouts are different. Solo masturbation scene is $150, girl on girl is $250, boy on girl is $350. These prices differ as they are different media base and they are purchased for a solid price rather than a monthly subscription.

7. When will I be paid?
We pay on a 1-9 month schedule. Sets that go up in say, January, will be paid between February-October. We keep a queue for models to know who is next in pay in our models only forum. We try to stay closer to 1-3 months but are currently behind that right this moment. Our future plans is to only be 1-3 months after.

8. How much will my photographer be paid?
We're currently paying photographers $100 per set. If a set is denied for Wednesday content we will offer it to be featured on our Selfie Saturday's, which does not pay the photographer.

9. Will these pay-out amounts change?
We're hoping so! We've changed our payouts in the past higher and higher the more the site grows. So the more we grow as a company, the more we want to pay-out our models and photographers! 

10. I heard I can get into cons/events/ect for free if I apply! For real?!
This is a misconception. Yes, our already existing models appear at events throughout the year. HOWEVER in order to be eligible for our events team, you must already be an official Vixen on our site (meaning you must have at least one set on site.) No, this does not mean you can apply, not be on the site, and still be apart of our events. Sorry guys!


The Other Stuff!

11. Is your contract exclusive?
No. We do not have an exclusive contract - nor ever will. Model for whomever, whenever you like! The most exclusivity we have in our contracts is the selling of photo sets to our site. Meaning the sets you sell to us will only appear with our company. 

12. I heard this site is run by X, Y, Z person! Is this true?
Uhhh... Maybe? The site is owned by fellow model and admin Noel Cypress. It is a female-owned website which some say gives it a different feel than many other sites. We'll take their word for it on that one!
But we add multiple models as well as others who are interesting to be  our "staff" that takes care of everything behind the scenes. We keep it this way to ensure everyone is being treated fairly at all times by getting multiple opinions from all sorts of different people!

13. I don't want to find a photographer - can I self shoot a set?
Yes! We allow self shot sets. Just keep in mind we do not currently double-pay for self-shot sets. In other words you'll still be paid on your modeling scale how far the set goes, but not on the photographer side. There are many examples for self shot sets within the site already (like our middle left pic right here! >). If you need help, feel free to ask, we would love to help you!

14. I am male/female/trans/agender/black/white/asian/fat/skinny/ect... will you still accept me?
Pixel Vixens is all about -all people- being beautiful in their own way. We will never turn someone away because of a reason such as sexual orientation, body size, or gender. We are equal opportunist in every way.

15. I have more questions, who can I contact?
Contact Noel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you may have!