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Who We Are


Welcome to Pixel-Vixens! 

We are a cosplay-centered pornography and erotica website/community. Boasting as the first ever cosplay hardcore site in America, we continue to strive to bring you new and interesting updates to your adult-cosplay needs.

Pixel Vixens is a huge assortment of people. We are models, actors, burlesque performers, panel runners, and even eating disorder awareness advocates. Our team offers not only regularly updated content for our website, but also DVDs, Youtube entertainment, live burlesque performances, Q&A's, convention panels, and continue to grow into even more!

Want to know more about the administrators behind it all? Follow along to meet some of the staff here at Pixel-Vixens!

The Admin




The Admin, a.k.a. Noel Cypress

Noel has been working as a professional/amateur model since 2009. She has been published on a number of websites, magazines, and calendars. Although she has a resume full of all sorts of differeny modeling styles, she keeps to just Pixel-Vixens these days!

Noel bought this website off of model Zelda Sidge (whom is also featured on here) in 2012 - whom had made it many years earlier. The site went live around April of 2012 and has been growing since! Noel is the head admin and CEO of Pixel Vixens Entertainment L.L.C. She is in charge of keeping the website up to date, finalizing any decisions, going over applications, editting photos and videos, all around being the admin of a site, as well as modeling herself! Noel prides herself and Pixel Vixens in being a model-run website that will listen to their models the best they can.

If you have any further questions for Noel, feel free to email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Events Coordinator




The Events Coordinator, a.k.a. Rev. Arielle

Arielle has been working as a professional model since 2008has done just about every type of modeling there is, from high fashion to fetish to modeling for a high school art class! But she's always had the goal of working for alt porn/fetish websites as they were the inspiration for her to start modeling in the first place. Over the years she has worked for multiple sites such as BrokenDollz, BellaVendetta, and more. Arielle says that "Pixel-Vixens attracted me because of the tight knit community and family atmosphere that is absent on other sites. As well as the fact that it was model run, which is also extremely rare. At the time it was also the only cosplay site in the US where you could do any level of modeling you wanted (including hardcore) and although I had only done softcore (not even spread shots) up until that point, I was eager to dip my toe into the hardcore pool!"

Arielle has always been very involved in doing performance art. She started participating in events at her local goth/industrial club and around 2009-2010 she teamed up with another Dominatrix to start the fetish troupe The Sisters of the Sacred Flesh. They were the premier fetish troupe in Cincinnati and for several years if there was any sort of public fetish event in the city, they were likely behind it. They soon expanded upon that to include burlesque events, private fetish events, and opening for bands like Lords of Acid, Faderhead, and KMFDM just to name a few. Her troupe work eventually became her main job and she went on to found and perform in a second troupe The Sacred Flesh Sex Show and later performed with another offshoot group called The House of Aphrodesia, who she worked with until moving to the Gulf Coast in 2014. With Pixel-Vixens, Arielle handles writing shows, aiding and coaching with choreography, organizing events, wrangling up any extra performers we might need, ensuring models at live events are keeping to their jobs, and when necessary teaching models how to do burlesque. She also aids in some advertisement and social media coverage. 

 If you have any further questions for Arielle, feel free to email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Model Liaison

The Model Liaison, A.k.a. Kali Neko No Kage

Kali hails from Chicago and has been cosplaying since 2011 with no signs of stopping yet. Growing from making 1-2 cosplays a year to now having 15+ characters with various redesigns under her belt. She is self-taught in sewing and minor prop making, starting with an old children's sewing machine and a hot glue gun (which she still uses with love). Ever on the quest for learning new techniques in sewing and honing her craft, she loves to help any and all cosplayer that needs a little guidance or reference pointed their way.

Kali started modeling late 2013, starting right here on Pixel Vixens. Since then, she has worked with many photographers building a portfolio based in cosplay, lingerie, nude, and branching into fetish. Kali takes great enjoyment in the role of catgirl and rope kitten and hopes to work with more riggers and within the BDSM scene of Chicago some day. For now, she takes solace being the rambunctious cosplaying rope kitten she is.

If you have any further questions for Kali, feel free to email her at modelsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.