Arielle Aquinas

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Arielle Aquinas
August 28
New Orleans
About Me

I'm the Reverend Arielle! I've been going to conventions and doing cosplay since 2006. I specialize in found item cosplay and ruining your childhood. ^_~

Outside of the cosplay and convention world I've been modeling since 2008 and have appeared on alt porn sites such as BrokenDollz.com and BellaVendetta.com. However I'm best known for My work in the fetish industry as a model, Professional Dominatrix, and performing in fetish troupes at events all across the country! When I'm not busy working online being a sex vixen, I'm in school working on a degree in philosophy, going to kink events, and being a trophy wife/girlfriend. 

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The Sims, Tetris, Batman Arkam Asylum, League of Legends, Metal Gear Solid,
Nerima Daikon Brothers, Speed Grapher, Pet Shop of Horrors, Vampire Hunter D, Ogre Slayer, Genesis of Aquarion, Rosario+Vampire, Cardcaptors,
Star Trek (TNG is my fave), Buffy, OITNB, The Big Bang Theory, GoT, HIMYM, Dawson's Creek, That 70's Show, MadMen, The Walking Dead, My Name Is Earl, The Office, Scrubs,
ColossalCon, OhayoCon, ACen, SugoiCon
Velma, Sailor Booze, Mizore, Darth Invade-Her, Adult Bubbles, Bald Bitch Bane.