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Recently had a minor accident with my stove a couple nights ago while cooking burgers for my roommate and I, and now my face looks like Freddy. Just kidding. It's really not that bad though. I should be all healed up by next week. I'm having another self-shot photo shoot next week. Maybe do femme Edd from Ed, Edd, & Eddy or my Lola Bunny. I don't have a Halloween cosplay this year but I will be brainstorming to do a few spooky characters in future sets taken by my photographer. 

My Etsy shop looks pretty good. I'm hoping to get more custom orders soon. I recently had the chance to record a YouTube showcase video, update the details, and made my first announcement for returning customers. 

I'll keep you guys posted again next week!

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Today, I learned how to make gifs. For those of you who don't know how my brain absorbs information, imagine trying to cram Play-Doh into a non porous rock. Sexy things I can do. Stuff that requires multiple steps of layering and rendering are a bit more than my poor kitten bthought meats can handle.




I got to spend the whole day updating all my videos with pretty gif previews - five hours of sitting and growling and hissing and coffee (LOTS OF COFFEE) - and my work will pay off, hopefully. I can't post any here because they're all too large for the server to host (2MB limit for media uploads) but my Twitter will be peppered with them.


In other news, I'm still working on Toriel and the deer. Vinyl is going to happen, too, I promise. I've got the common cosplayer's syndrome where I've taken on too much at once and I can't focus on a project. But I'll try!




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Hello all! I don't often do blogs or post here but if you see me on facebook im pretty much active there and neglecting my other social media xD hahahah

other than that I'm happy to announce to you that 2017 I'll have a bunch of new cosplay on their way since I finally got a Permanent full time job that's paying me more than the basic salary(ohohoh canada bitches)

so yeah I can finally put money on the side and make super big project and get more photography equipment and all!!!HURRAY!!!

I'm planning a couple of projects, self shot for pv too since i'm going to have a hard time shooting with my usual photographer. I'm asking for one of my firend to do my photos but he seemed a bit hesitant xD

Anyhow good news are fun! in December i'll be a big 28!!! I still get carded everytime i buy booze or smokes... xD the curse of eternal youth.


Anyhow i'll try to post some photos on the blog soon enough and i'll try to be more active in the forum of the PV community!!!^^

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I finally opened up my Etsy shop today! More work than I expected since everything was done myself x_x I'm very happy with how everything turned out and I'm just so grateful of all the support I've been getting. I speciailize in making crystal hairsticks! Check it out: Http:// <3

Making sure my shop was open for business has been taking up a lot of my time so I haven't been able to shoot any content. However, here are some pics I've taken of my Juri Han cosplay from my last photo shoot, but in an alternate outfit she wore in Street Fighter 4. I hope you guys are looking forward to seeing this in a set soon!

juriteaser2 juriteaser1

Anyone have Halloween plans yet? It's just right around the corner~ >:D

I hope you guys had a great weekend. I guess I can make this my first official blog with actual news and stuff that's been going on in my life. 


I've shot my first selfie set for PV last week so I'm very excited to show you guys all the dirty fun i was having cosplaying as Zone-Tan in front of my webcam. I just love how I can dress up, especially as dark, sadistic, and pervy characters >XD

I recently got an adorable black and white guinea pig, whom I've named Edward Scissorhands. He's only 3-months old and quite the shy guy. He's still getting use to people but it makes me happy that my scent and touch calm him down. I'm a happy pig momma :)

b2ap3_thumbnail_meandedward.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_edward.jpg

I'm also in the process of running my own Etsy shop using all natural crystals, so I'm working towards becoming a full-time jewelry desginer, as well as continueing my modeling. I've also announced that I'll be uploading more videos onto YouTube very soon, including the Pixel Vixens channel! I've gotten many amazing ideas from everyone and all the fans and I'm just so excited to blab and be silly on camera again. 

This past weekend, I had another shoot for PV cosplaying another outfit of Juri Han's from Street Fighter 4. What can i say..she IS literally my favorite character ever >:P 

I also have a website that features some of my modeling portfolio. Check it out!

That's about it for now. I hope you guys are looking forward to my new sets and my next blog! xo