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Hope all of you are staying warm during this winter-ice festival that is happening outside. 

Due to some IRL stuff, I haven't had the time to buckle down and get around to some sets I wanted to do.

But come the beginning of May, I'll finally get to shoot new content, both photos and video (Gotta make up for lost time).   

And there may be a BlackCat helping me with the upcoming sets. :3

Stay Tuned


~Stay Frosty Pervs. 


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I had a really fun time this past weekend meeting a bunch of the PV models and shooting with everyone. It was a crazy busy weekend and now I'm exhausted but I am so excited about all the new content :) For videos I did a scene as Black Widow, Lara Croft, Ruko and SuperGirl. I also did a photoset in my Ryuko outfit and my SuperGirl outfit. And we shot a Sailor Moon photoset and video which was so hot! I can't wait to see how that came out :)

Here are a few BTS pics from the weekend:


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Greetings from Atlanta Georgia. Thanks for accepting me to be part of the PV. It's an honor and it'll be fun. Let's see what this years challenge is for us! I'm excited. Hope we can share many memories in the future together.

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So much amazing news~ 

I got a chance to have my American Mary cosplay shoot over the weekend. What do you think? I felt pretty malicious holding my hacksaw! I seem to be more in character in I have props (shrugs). 

americanmarycosplayselfie americanmarycosplayselfie2

I'm also going to Anime Boston this year! Are you going? Who are you cosplaying as? It's been forever since I've been to any cons and I'm pretty excited. My new selfie Zone-Tan also got released so be sure to check it out! <3 I hope to do more cosplay sets like these soon!

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I'm really happy to be working on some new costumes to shoot in. The other day I coated an old pair of heels in green glitter for my Poision Ivy outfit. Now I'm working on the rest of it by covering a bra and pain of panties in ivy leaves. I'm also altering a pair of shorts and tank top to do Lara Croft...I just need to great breats implants for that one, lol.

I've had a lot of video shoots recently so I have a lot of editing to catch up on but I need to make sure I have all my costumes set for the shoot in Februrary. I'm so excited to finally be doing more cosplay!