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THERE ARE QUITE A FEW UPDATES HERE, SORRY!!! Convention info will be at the bottom!

So, for those of you who haven't noticed, my model name has changed.

My old name was from a time that has long passed, I was just looking for a good time to make the change. The end of last month was the perfect time for me, as the announcement was made during something I'd never done before until that night so I thought it would be fitting. Out with the old, in with the new if you will.

I also wanted to make another announcement, but my special guest (and a future PV model) and I got so caught up in what we were doing and ran out of time.

I have two, maybe three more female character sets to turn in, these will be the last female characters I cosplay. I am so close to starting the surgical part of my transition I can feel it, and that means the boobs will be gone within the year if all goes as planned. I'd like to get you guys and girls ready for that change by slowly changing what characters I portray for you all.

The planned female sets are Poison and Sailor Star Maker, both solo sets. I MIGHT do Hexadecimal as well, but that one will be a ways off considering I want to make her as accurately as possible (and ANY of her forms are realy intricate. It may be a lost cause due to price alone!), but that's still a maybe. I also may do a solo set as Grell, I'm just not 100% sold on that yet since I want to bring you guys things I haven't done before. I did Grell for the camshow, so I'm on the fence about doing a photoshoot for her.

I have a lot of changes coming up and I hope you all understand why I feel the need to change the type of content I will be providing. I am more than open to questions as long as they're respectful, though I do understand that sometimes there's no polite way to word something. As long as the intent isn't clearly to cause harm, we won't have any problems.

I'm looking forward to my future changes and I hope you all are too. And don't worry, I'm keeping my vagina. Sex feels way too good for me to get rid of that for a $75,000 penis that is most likely never going to work or feel right. I can get more use out of a strap-on in most cases.

ALSO!!! I will be at FanimeCon this year, so if any of you would like to meet me, follow me on my various social sites!

Instagram: MagePrideCosplay

Twitter: MagePrideCospla (Not a typo, it cut off the last letter)



I post a picture each day of con with what I'm wearing (sometimes more each day if I'm changing into something else. Feel free to come say hi, and we can even take selfies together if you want! I'm honestly a very friendly person at cons. :3

My cosplay plans are:

Friday - Sephiroth for most of the day, then changing into Prussia super late for the 18+ Hetalia panel happening from 11PM-1AM

Saturday - Sephiroth again until around 2PM, then I change into Anders for the rest of the day.

Sunday - I SHOULD be Grell most of the day, since I'll be going to the meetup (maybe) and then the Black and White Ball.

Monday - I'll be Grell again for the Kuroshitsuji Character Q&A happening 12PM-2PM, then heading home right after!