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Hello there darlings! I'm Reverend Arielle, though I feel like I should be Reverend Derpy at this point seeing as how my set when up like two weeks ago and I just now figured out how to log in as a model and post a blog. lol ^_^

My debut set was called "Widow Maker" and features me as Black Widow complete with comic book accurate cleavage! It was a REALLY fun set to shoot, especially because Miss Erisaka Blu stepped in as my photographer. This was also my first outdoor nude shoot AND my first ever hardcore photoset for a website! (HINT: Black Widow's gun isn't really a gun) 

If you'd like to get to know me a little better, please feel free to add me on twitter/tumblr/facebook/fetlife/etc. Just type Reverend Arielle into google and I'm all over the place. lol 

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