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I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that I live a kind of strange life. I mean, come on, I get dress up in costumes and fuck for a living! ^_~

Well this weekend certainly didn't dissapoint in the bizzarre and wonderful department! 

If you keep up with my goings on, you know that I recently moved to the Gulf Coast. I've really been loving it here and fully plan on doing a full blog about how awesome it is here, but what I want to focus on for this blog is the amazing fetish community I've discovered here! I started going to munches the week I got here and am currently a member of several local fetish groups. This weekend several of them banded together to bring the amazingly kinky author, artist, and educator Lee Harrington to New Orleans to do some lectures! I've been getting pretty heavy into bimbofication fetish recently so I decided to attend dressed up in my bimbo best! I attended two lectures; one on protocal and one on the Eight Fold Path of Kink (which was SO right up my ally!). Lee is such a fantastic speaker, I really learned a lot and was very inspired seeing someone doing a career I would love to pursue once I retire from porn. After the second lecture there was a play party and once I got over my shyness (yes I am very shy in person) I ended up talking to Lee for a long time in between my play time. As I suspected, we had a LOT in common. Not just in that we both study philosophy and religion, but also career and accomplishment wise. While the lectures were amazing, as was getting the chance to hang out with Lee Harrington, my favorite part of the day was definitely playing at the party. I know I've mentioned a few times that I'm into fire play (mostly fire fleshing, and yes that is being set on fire) so it is not surprising that one of the first people I became instant best friends with when I moved here is the main fire guy in the area! lol I won't go into too much detail but I will say that I started out on fire and ended up very wet. ^_~



Pretty little bimbo fuckdoll at the party!


Lee Harrington and I! (


My pretty spots from fire cupping. I'm normally just into fire fleshing but I REALLY love the marks that cupping leaves. <3