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woo hoo!
 I'm gonna have a new set coming out near the end of this month from Kantai Collection!

It's so cold out, keeping myself warm inside playing Eroge and Hentai games.
 Currently playing two by Clockup ; Fraternite and Euphoria

I'm digging both, Fraternite caught me when I saw the OP video and some trailers for it online, I love the foreshadowing in them and how dark the stories get! Euphoria caught my interest with its Guro galore. I do like guro, I'm a big Corpse Party fan!!! I hope to finish my cosplay of Ayumi from corpse party sometime. Maybe even do a set for it!!! 
 I was interested what other people thought of cosplays from these types of games
do you like it, not like it, do you want to see it or do you think it doesn't belong on PV?
I would love to cosplay Sekai Saionji from Schooldays! I think she is perfect for a set or video, but schooldays has so many cuties! I think another vixen should cosplay from schooldays with me and make magic happen!

 well just my silly thoughts on a chilllllllly ass day! damn its too cold. so I play my eroge games. 
Hope everyone is well and look forward to my new set the end of this month!
Much love ~ Iggy

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