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Hey guys, I feel like I haven't really been around as of late. My day work as a chef is killing me with hours as of late. Today is my first day off in over a week and every day was 10+ hours. I'm completely drained, but on the positive side I can catch up on some behind bills (damn those student loans).
Hopefully I'll be getting around to shoot some new content soon, I also have somestuff that should be coming out this month or so.

In other news It's Xmas time and if you have a favorite vixen or vixens I'm sure they have a holiday wishlist, and I'm sure there are plenty of gifts you could recieve back. :)

Anyone that buys me stuff off my wishlist will receive an exclusive XXXmas photo set($25 and under) as Jinx from League of Legends (or) video ($26+) as be Asuna from SwordArt Online. 50+ gets both 75 gets both and a signed print and xmas card. And I'll be doing a topless gift opening video, that will be sent to all. There is stuff for all price ranges so everyone has a chance at the getting some content back. Not a lot of gifts left!

This is only good until the 13th so I can get the gift video filmed. All content will go about between dec 20th-28th.

Hope the holidays are well for all!