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Ok, so hey all, I'm one of the new BBW Vixens. I'm new to the ENTIRE world of porn, and yes, pun intended on my blog title. 

Anyway, I'm FriskyMomo. Call me whatever you want, I answer to just about anything. I do realize my name is a litle weird, and I thought I'd share why it is what it is. 

I've been dabbling in the entertainment world since I was in high school, in fact, my working name is Monet De'Louve. I can be found on several social media sites and amature writing sites under this name. When I decided to break into porn, I wanted to stick to my pen-name roots, but add something suggestive. A small base of fans from when I preformed as a singer, call me Momo, so I ran with that, adding Frisky to the start. So thats how my odd name was born.

I got interested in the Pixel Vixens after meeting Noel at a convention (Colossalcon 2015). I was hanging out in a room, and she came in (with permission) with a couple other vixens, to do a shoot using the rooms kitchen. We all ended up sitting around (I know for a fact I was drinking) and we were talking and having a good time. I decided my corset needed to come off. I asked if anyone cared, and the Vixens just kinda looked at me like I was stupid. I took off the offending corset and Noel shouts "HOLY FUCK YOU HAVE AMAZING TITS!" and of course, i let her play with them, cause duh. By the middle of the impromptu party, I was applying to be a model. However long story short, my phone sucked and nothing went through. 

Flash foreward a year, and Noel and I have gotten to know each other more and she's asking me when I plan on joining. I kept putting it off, but I was still thinking about it. Body sonfidence was a big issue for me. Would people really want to see me naked?

So, finally, Colossalcon 2017 comes along, and I tell Noel, hey, I'm going to bring my Halloween costme you love so much, if you've got time, maybe we can do a shoot. And we did. Kali was there for it, and it was probably the most fun I've had in ages. hset is now live on the site, and I hope everyone checks it out!

I've got a couple things that I'm planning, that I hope I can do soon. I assemble my cosplays out of my closet. I put things together based on what works for my body and my vision of how the character would dress with my body type. If you want to see something, let me know, and I'll put it together to the best of my ability! 

I look foreward to having tons of fun here!

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